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How To Benefit From Your Marketing And Sales Strategy Using A Business CRM Software

The alignment of marketing and sales strategy has become one of the main factors nowadays that can help in retaining existing customers and boost sales growth.

Now you must have read or heard about the benefits of using a cloud based CRM in businesses, and so might be curious to know how online business CRM can help your establishment to align your marketing and sales goals.

This is the reason here we as one of the most awarded vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM tools have illustrated a few ways through which your business can improve your sales and marketing workflows for harvesting more revenue.

1. Enhance Interdepartmental Communications

First and foremost, all businesses are set up with one main objective, which is to retain the market for a long time. Therefore if you want all the members of your teams from different departments in your organization to work together, they need to be aligned and remain on the same page.

This is because there can always be miscommunication or even at times an absence of communication among the members of your team which can lead to interdepartmental conflicts leading to a loss of sales and revenue.

Now CRM is a shared workflow management software, which marketing and sales can use to enhance the efficiency of their work as it is a tool that can help businesses to track both marketings as well as sales outreach strategies for reaching their common revenue-generating goals.

2. Use Centralize Database

Business CRM software solutions that offer a 360-degree view helps in providing the overall information of the customers inside a single platform.

It is a software that can not only provide the most accurate details regarding your customer’s complaints, last or new purchases, it can also facilitate information if your prospects have visited your website or if your sales teams had pitched about the products and services to the new leads in the sales funnel that you sell in your marketplace.

Hence by making available the overall information of your leads and customers in a single platform, the CRM software helps to populate the leads contact profile with added data which can be of utmost help for finding the contact’s background, the competitors in the marketplace, and the interactions of leads and customers with your brand.

3. Evaluate The Tracked Leads

We as one of the vendors of sales CRM tools can assure businesses that evaluating the leads helps in greatly accelerating the sales process.

In other words, the lead tracking functionality of an online CRM not only helps to get every lead detail inside a cloud-based CRM database, it even helps the company’s data to get organized which can help in finding a quick sale.

This is because, when the sales reps have very relevant information about their leads, they do not have to waste much time and so can be more productive on closing the deals at their earliest.

Hence lead tracking in CRM software helps the sales teams to align their strategies in sales and work more efficiently which saves energy and time for the salespersons while converting them into happy customers.

4. Convert Leads Into Opportunities

When any business can systematically review all the lead data by segmenting different leads into groups inside the CRM database, the sales and marketing reps can easily understand the lead’s requirements and so can close deals more quickly.

Here are some of the basic criteria need for nurturing leads towards a conversion:

Leads or the audience of a business are basically all the people that the business is targeting to receive customized or tailored marketing and sales messages for nurturing the leads.

Hence leads can be segmented in accordance to their job titles, industries, or several other parameters of any particular marketing campaign.

Therefore, once businesses can track these audience-based data stored inside the CRM they can easily understand the most productive lead details and thereafter convert them into successful sales.

All persons dealing with their businesses’ marketing and sales strategy know that media channels are where the leads exist and most of their prospective customers spend their time on social media websites or hang out in community forums.

Moreover, all major marketing campaigns can be done successfully through email communication media. Hence when businesses can integrate their CRM with various SMS and email vendors to track the lead’s interest and nurture their relationship further with the brand, data collected through social media and other channels can incredibly valuable as it shows the organization where they are seeing success and where their sales and marketing teams need to invest their efforts to fill the gaps in the processes.

According to sales and marketing, a promising lead is the one who has visited their business website or landing page and has a request for a sign-up for a free trial, downloaded a report or an eBook, or have asked for a demo.

Therefore when sales reps reach out to these leads they can remain assured that the leads will be interested to hear about their offerings and thereby requires quick nurturing for converting them into sales.

Hence having an organized and systemic lead nurturing system can be the most critical part of the sales cadence that can be easily done by integrating an SFA (Sales Force Automation) functionality which can ensure that no promising lead falls through the crack.

5. Make Use Of Customer Feedback

Gaining insightful customer feedback can be one of the most useful and important aspects after aligning the marketing and sales teams.

This is because once the sales reps have gathered the required information regarding the customer’s issues and pain points faced by the customer during their sales calls, the marketing team can proactively work on creating new messages to amend or refine the products or services that their brand sells in the marketplace.

Moreover mapping the buyer’s journeys also becomes easy for both the sales and marketing teams once they use a CRM by which they can find out where each lead is existing in the sales cycle, which can eliminate confusion as to how they should communicate in the future with their prospective customers.

Additionally using feedbacks from the customers as part of the marketing and sales strategy even helps to find an idea about what your consumers like about your brand’s offerings in the marketplace.

6. Maintain Good Relationship With The Customers

Finally, when you use a CRM and make your customers feel valued, the consumers of your product and services can market your offerings much better than you can.

For this remember that every customer wants to be recognized as an individual and a CRM can help to boost your customer’s experience with your brand by providing prompt and good response and service which can make them remain loyal to the company, provide opportunities for up-selling, or cross-selling and thereby provide more business and revenue growth.


Remember the work of creating a successful sales and marketing strategy in any business is never finished. Therefore much like most veteran sales and marketing leaders you should always evolve the tactics, track progress, and stay abreast of both changes in consumer behavior and changes in your industry to bolster your sales and marketing efforts.

This is because by adopting a business CRM solution as the role of your sales and marketing teams grow closer and their line of accountability continues to blur, and as they start working together in everyone’s best interest to pursue common goals these six tips will definitely prove useful to create a sales and marketing strategy that can drive organizational success and revenue growth.