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How to Convert 2d Drawing to 3D Drawing in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is one of the important most important applications for an engineering student who want to pursue career in civil, electrical or mechanical engineering and designing. It offers simple and quick options to create drafts in no time. One of the best parts of this software is that it is coming up with both 2D and 3D tools which let you work on 2 as well as 3 dimensional projects.

In this article, we are going to see how to covert 2D drawing into 3D in AutoCAD using a very simple steps. Apart from the steps, we will also know about the texture library.

So, let’s get started.

Follow the given simple steps to covert 2d drawing into 3d:

  • First step: – Open a 2d drawing in AutoCAD then in the bottom right corner select gear icon and select “3d modeling ” option given in it.
  • Second step: – Next, you need to select “top” and set it to “sw isometric” viewing position.
  • Third step: – Then select presspull icon and pick up the base circle of cup and press enter then type the height value “150”.
  • Forth step :- Next select the 3d align icon and pick up the centre line of mug handle then press enter then select the midpoints of 2d mug and press enter and then select the midpoints of the solid cylinder and press enter after this the centre line of the mug handle will be moving to the solid one.
  • Fifth step: – From “create” tab select, sweep icon then select the circle made for the handle and press enter then select the centre line of the mug handle.
  • Sixth step: – This is the last step that you need to follow. Change the visual effect from wire frame to realistic. All done, the 2d drawing is converted into the 3d drawing.

Use of texturing in AutoCAD

Texture is used to enhance the visual effect of the drawing or it is used to give the drawing its identity. If we talk about wood, metal or something like concrete; they all are the examples of texture which can be applied in the drawing. You are able to edit the properties of the selected texture using the library being given in the software. In the list there are all type of material texture we can use as per or requirement.

After converting 2d into 3d; use texture library to add different textures on the model for increasing the quality of the drawing.

So, this is how we can follow the above given steps for converting the simple flat drawing into a real three dimensional graphic in AutoCAD.

A few other things to take care of while learning AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD is versatile software since it is coming up with many panels, tools, and settings which make it more vast and little bit difficult for beginners to master it in a one go.
  • Thus it is recommended for every student to start from the essential drawing tools first.
  • Drawing tools are simple and easy to use. They come with fewer settings that don’t make beginners perplexed.
  • Once you become confident in working around the basic tools then move forward and try out the advanced tools which contain multiple option panels and numerous hidden settings.

AutoCAD is not only about the drafting but it is creates the essential foundation of any construction or engineering project. It sets the outline and main framework that touches the heights of the sky. So, for making a good in the architecture, civil, mechanical, or engineering industry you are always required to learn this software from its A to Z. This knowledge will also help you in mastering other CAD software such Autodesk 3Ds Max, Autodesk Revit, SketchUp, V-ray, etc. So, it is recommended by the experts to learn this tool from heart as it is going to play very important role in your career path.

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