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How to Fix Issues of Receiving Calls in iPhone After iOS 13.3

Owning an iPhone is a great thing because of its outstanding features, which are different from other cell phones. What is more memorable and enthralling about these Apple phones is their timely update. But a lot of times it happens that due to these timely updates, the phones themselves experience a malfunction in their features. Recently the new iOS 13.3 update has disabled the facility of receiving calls in many iPhones. But the great thing is that there are solutions that can be performed by the users themselves to resolve the glitch.

Most of the problems caused due to the installation of a new update hamper the software on the phone. Therefore, the great thing is that users can fix them on their own. Suppose you are one of those who own an iPhone X, XR, X, etc., and are looking for a solution to fix the inconveniences caused, especially with your iPhone receiving call function. In that case, you are absolutely on the right page. Instead of looking for “iPhone repair near me” here, we will discuss specific easy tips for resolving the glitch.

Use Troubleshooting on An iPhone That Is Unable to Receive Calls on Installing iOS 13.3

iPhone call issues are prevalent, especially after installing the new updates. In such scenarios, troubleshooting can be the only solution to fix the defect with receiving phone calls on an iPhone. But before using this technique, checks for the signal status in your phone. Sometimes phones cannot receive calls because of the low signal strength. Therefore, do check for the signal strength. It is poor then obviously the problem is with the network. But if it is strong, then you must go ahead with troubleshooting. Here troubleshooting tips:

Reinstall the SIM Card

This can be considered as the leading solution for fixing the mentioned glitch in the iPhone. It may happen that due to the installation of new data, the phone’s sim would have become corrupted. Apart from this, it also happens that the sim card’s fitting becomes loose, which disables the network in the iPhone. Therefore check for the fit of the sim card system. Now, to reinstall the sim card, you need to :

  • Take the sim card removal tool and insert it into the sim tray’s timid hole located on the lower right side of the iPhone.
  • Slowly push the tool in the hole so that the sim tray comes out.
  • Once the tray is out, gently take out the sim.
  • Examine for any crack or scratch on the sim card. If everything on the sim card seems right then put it back on the sim tray.
  • Reinstall the tray back from where it came out and make sure the sim tray clicks once it goes inside the slot.

Now, switch on your phone and check for the signal to come back to its original state. Once it is about, make a test phone call to see if the calling function is working or not.

Switch the Airplane Mode OFF and ON

This is one of the most effective methods to troubleshoot your device and fix the wireless services’. All you need to do here is toggles the Airplane mode on and off simultaneously.

  • At first, go to Settings and then Airplane Mode.
  • Now turn on the Airplane Mode. Consequently, all the wireless functions will get turned off.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Once the resetting is done, go back to Settings and then Airplane mode.
  • Turn off the Airplane mode.

Check for the cellular network to become stable. Once it has become customary, make a test call to see if you face any problem in making and receiving calls.

Reset Network Settings

Firstly, the faulty network’s problem may have been a result of the new update in iOS. Most network problems that could not be resolved with other troubleshooting methods can be determined by resetting the network settings. But performing this network setting will erase all the existing network configuration in your iPhone; which includes discarding the saved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices and will install the default network setting.

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Scroll down and then tap on Reset.
  • Choose Reset Network Settings from the given options.
  • A command asks you to proceed to enter your passcode.
  • Then tap on confirm to proceed with Network resetting.
  • Just check for phone call functions taking place like they are supposed to.

If you needed an iPhone repair service in London, then a Mobile Junction expert can be quickly done at a Mobile Junction. Facing network problems after updating the iOS is a pervasive problem that is resolved through troubleshooting.