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How to Hire Developers for Startups in 6 Easy Steps?

Hire Developers

Hire Developers

Firstly, Hiring developers for any business or company is no easy task. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of. From shortlisting the candidates to interviewing them and finding their technical skills. This is the list of things that you need to do when it comes to hiring the right developers for your project.

So let’s begin

Here are the steps to selecting your perfect candidate for your project development activities.

Know what you require for your project

Many times it happens that you know what your candidates should have, but lack knowledge about your project. This is wrong as it amounts to not having enough knowledge about what your project is going to be about. It is crucial for you to also know what your project is going to be and how candidates are going to execute your project from start to finish. You as a business owner if you are looking to hire the right people for your development project then you should also know what your project is going to be about. How your candidates are going to execute your project.

Do a quick Google search

Technically speaking Google or any other search engine will only show you results that are well refined, do your own research, and find the right company or candidate that you are looking for by checking their portfolio and expertise. If you do not know about what expertise your candidates should possess then you can take the help of some senior management in your company to help you out. It’s okay for you to not know the technical stuff, you should just concentrate on how your candidate plans to execute the project at hand and provide you with results.

Shortlist candidates

This is a crucial step as it helps you to majorly filter out the candidates not having enough knowledge or experience to make it happen. Check and ask questions about the project, that they have completed and executed. It might be similar to your project and will require a similar execution process. Shortlisting candidates that have the experience and knowledge will not be an easy task but it won’t be too difficult either. With some help from Google, you can take a step forward to selecting the best candidate at the right remuneration.

Arrange for interviewing your candidates

You can arrange for a video call interview with the candidate for knowing his experience and expertise. Make use of this opportunity to know everything about the project he or she has worked on. It will provide you with a basis for your project and it can also have a similar execution pattern.

Check candidates portfolio

Do not forget to completely analyze and check the candidate’s portfolio. You can take this opportunity to inspect and evaluate the candidate’s past projects as well as the performance of the projects he or she has done.

Select the candidate

For Selecting the candidate, with some help, you can get near to your goal of selecting the right candidate. Evaluate the experience of the candidate and gain some insights on the project that the candidate has worked on. You will have the list of shortlisted candidates, so make up your mind to select the best candidate, it does not matter how much experience that the candidate has. It matters that the candidate has the willingness to learn and put knowledge to good use.

BONUS TIP: Check with past clientele about candidates experience

It is important for you to also check with the clients that the candidate has worked with. This provides you with an opportunity to know how the candidate has managed to execute the project sufficiently and successfully. Feedback from the clients will convince or de-convince you to make and select the best candidate for your project.

Conclusion: Congratulations, you have successfully come closer to selecting the right candidate for your project. You can go forward and brief him about the project that he or she will be working on. Now you can easily Hire Developers or Hire Android Developers or Hire iOS Developers from any outsourcing Company.