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How To Improve User Experience With eCommerce Search?

Having an actionable strategy can help you better understand your eCommerce search engine. Built on proven eCommerce site search practice, your strategy can identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it provides a clear view of what’s needed to be done for short and long-term improvements.

If users are unable to find a product on the website, they can’t purchase it. In short, a bad site search can frustrate users and force them to leave immediately. Ecommerce site search is a tool that makes the purchasing process simple and easy. Here, we will tell you how eCommerce search will help users and what are its features.

Know eCommerce Site Search Features For Better Understanding

If you’re an owner of an online store, you must know how it works and what are the functionalities of enterprise search. By implementing these site search features, you can boost your website’s effectiveness and increase revenue. Gauge through the below list and improve your business productivity;

Category Facets- This feature allows users to find items based on more than one dimension such as special feature facets, product facets, etc.

Category Snapping- It allows the search engine to understand the query in a better way that results in a more satisfying journey for the users. For instance – “Nike Sneaker Red ” means Brand-Nike, Type- Sneaker, Color- Red, and Size- 12.

Breadcrumb Negation- With this feature, users are allowed to remove the previous selection from the query without going back to the start. For instance- if a user searches for a smartphone, then select for the brand and then the price range. So in the midway, if the user realizes that he won’t get his desired phone at this price in that particular brand, then he can keep the price range and filter the brand.

Facet Negation- When a user clicks on the “Negation” icon next to an option, the option will be removed from search results.

“Did You Mean?”- This feature provides relevant alternative suggestions when the user misspelled the term.

Spell & Auto-Correction- The user can make use of the dictionary to find possible spellings for the words or the taskbar will suggest the correct spelling.

There are several other features that an eCommerce website or users can leverage for making their order placement. Now we will tell you the benefits of eCommerce site search and how it will help the user and the owner of the online store.

Benefits of eCommerce Site Search

Higher Search Success Rate

Search success rate means more users are able to approach their desired item. eCommerce site search makes the entire process of product searching easy and maintains the interest of the user in the product.

Convert Audience Into Customers

When the user finds it easy to approach their desired product, they take no time in placing their order from the same website. It simply means that it can convert the audience into the customers without looking here and there.

Better ROI

When the product discovery is done successfully, and the customer gets satisfied with the services, they will come back along with their friends. It will eventually boost sales and improve your Return on Investment.

Customer Satisfaction

“Online Stores Need More Customer Satisfaction” because it is the only way to impress your customers and keep them engaged with your eCommerce business. eCommerce site search is the key to reach the customer’s heart and make them satisfied with your services.

Better Search Means Higher Standard

When the user will have a positive experience on your website, they will share their experience with their friends that will increase your user engagement. This is how you will become the leading eCommerce website in the respective verticals.

These are the facts about the enterprise search. For more details on this study and more tips for creating an exceptional eCommerce website, get in touch with UNBXD. Here you will get every possible support and service to improve the website’s usability and enhance the user’s experience. Our team is available with every best tool and skills that will help to improve your productivity.