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How to Know Who Has Stopped Following You on Instagram

Social networks have become a must-have for many millions of users. Everyone has a favorite platform through which they share their experiences, skills, relevant events … rare is the person who keeps updated, unless it is through bots, both Facebook and Twitter or Instagram daily.

Since Instagram launched the copying and pasting machinery and will renew the application by copying almost completely to Snapchat, Facebook’s platform or network of photographs has become one of those used around the world. If you want to know the user’s movement of your account, then we show you how to know who has stopped following us on Instagram.

Importance of followers

For many people, the numbers of followers is a sign of status, level or call it power, depending on how you look at it. The number of people who follow us, depending on the use we can make of those accounts (personal or professional) is an index to take into account if we want to know if we are doing things right or if on the contrary, we have to improve the content we publish.

Unlike what usually happens in a business, where it is easier to lose a client than to get it, in social networks it is the opposite since many are the users who continue to follow, without apparent motivation. When they stop being interested in the content that we offer them and depending on the regularity with which we will publish it, it is likely that our follower will skip our comment, tweet or photograph. If the content we publish is very high and with little interest, the most likely is that they end up stopping following us.

Hence the loss of followers is an aspect to be taken into account when this occurs, especially if the loss is made constantly over time. Being Instagram the new fashion social network, and where many users have become addicted according to FameMass are focusing their interest, in this article we are going to recommend the best web applications and services to check at all times who does not follow and who has stopped following us.

Aspects to consider

Before starting to use this type of applications and/or services, we must take into account that we must allow access to our account, a full access to our account, so you can monitor at all times not only the followers who arrive and leave, but also make us suggestions about how to improve the content we publish, for it to be more curated and attractive for future followers.

All the applications and/or services that we offer in this article are completely free for download but in most cases, we have to invest money, through in-app purchases or using monthly subscriptions, in order to take advantage of all the functions that it offers us. If the time comes when we stop using these applications, we must bear in mind that we have to revoke the access we have given to our data, otherwise, since you can continue to access without a justified reason. To renew access to our Instagram account, we must go to the configuration options through the web service and remove it.

Applications to know who has stopped following me on Instagram


Crowdfire is one of the best applications that we can find in the App Store to manage our Instagram account, but not exclusively, since it also allows us to gain visibility on Facebook, Instagam, YouTube and other platforms. Crowfire is in charge of continuously analyzing the movement of our accounts, showing detailed reports about them and suggesting the movements we can do to improve both our visibility and our interaction with our followers.

Crowdfire helps us find and connect with the right audience that best fits our profile. It also allows us to schedule entire weeks of publications on all the social networks in which we have a presence. This application not only offers us in-app purchases to be able to use all the functions offered by the application, but also allows us to make use of subscriptions so that we forget to spend money on the application in a random way. If you want to get the most out of your social networks, Crowdfire is the application that you are looking for.


Although it presents a somewhat outdated interface, InstaFollow allows us to know at all times what is the movement of our followers, knowing at all times which are the new followers, the users that have stopped following us, tracking the users that we follow but that they do not follow us and follow or stop following quickly any user of the platform. InstaFollow unfollow for Instagram is a free application that offers in-app purchases to take advantage of all the functions available without subscriptions of any kind.

Followers & Like Trackers

Followers & Like Trackers performs statistics and analysis of our Instagram account, instantly tracking the people who follow us and analyzing how they interact with our publications. Thanks to this application we can understand and analyze our audience by offering us a great variety of ideas to improve our community. Followers & Like Trackers is a free application that offers in-app purchases to take advantage of all available functions as well as a subscription system.