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How to Make Work From Home Productive

Working from home seems amazing until your pet scratches, breaks your resources. It feels good until your neighbor is constructing his / her home using giant machines and tools. Pre COVID-19 era was known for working from your office and working from home seemed to be a perk or luxury provided by big companies. We used to dream sitting on our office desk about working from our beautiful homes. With the era of deadly COVID-19, working from home has become new normal. It seems like the one from heaven heard all of us dreaming of work from home. Companies which once used to say that it is impossible in our industry to offer work from home are now working completely remote. Not only this, they are making a lot of profit, by saving money from electricity, location rent and many other things.

Now the question arises: has employee’s productivity increased or decreased in work from home? Well, when you were working from the office, your friends, teammates used to stand by your desk to have some healthy conversations, which was a good thing to connect socially but could impact your working efficiency by creating distractions. In work from home, you are your own boss. You work with full focus, increasing your productivity but on the contrary, as no one is looking after your working style, you don’t feel the pressure and lose grip on the deadlines.

There are few tips which you can follow while working from home:

You need to start working as soon as you wake up to keep up the motivation level of working all day long. While working from office included commuting time, you can now cut on this to do something productive.

Manage your work schedule like you would do in the office. Pretending that you are working in the office will help you increase productivity and discipline.

You should have a dedicated workspace during work from home as it gives you the feeling and sincerity like you are working from the office. You should be the lone user of that space. Allowing your pets, kids, roommates in the workspace will result in lowering down your productivity at work.

You should invest in proper resources to give you the office-like environment. Many companies reimburse you for these resources so that you can give them efficiency. Buy a proper office chair, table, neck rest and other things which are useful and will not harm your body posture.

You are working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need leisure time or personal time. According to a survey, more than 50% of people in the Philippines have cut down on their leaves. To this, many companies have started giving complimentary holidays in a month or quarter to recharge themselves during these hard times.

Working from home does not mean killing the social animal inside you. Talk to other people, friends, meet them, discuss work, play with them, do parties, pave way of not making work from home feel boring as it will demotivate you a lot.

When working from the office, seniors, friends, colleagues appreciate the hard work, and celebrate in different ways. But, while working from home, you do get appreciated but there is no one with whom you can celebrate the success. This gives you a reason to give yourself something, as a gift of appreciation. This will help you stay motivated and keep your spirits high.

There are many home based call centres in Philippines which are actively looking for people to work remotely. Work from home jobs in Philippines have geared up a lot in COVID-19 era and more and more jobs are being posted on the job portals. This number will increase with time and the concept of working from home will take on the traditional concept of working from the office.