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How to Write High Quality Content to Satisfy Google

“Content is the king of any website”. Writing good content is a choice but it helps to build a prosperous brand. The other option is to take the easy path and write unwanted content, which will get us nowhere. This will only result in a waste of energy, time, and resources. The path of the content marketers is crystal clear. When you want to be ranked high on the search page, gain traffic or convert leads, you need to have good content on your blog or website.

If you create your content, the search engine will help the website gain more popularity. Google will reward the websites having original content and drive the organic traffic towards your website. A great website can make your brand or break it. Great content can not only make the website better but also improve the ranking of your website which has a great impact on your business.

According to the data, content that usually ranks high on the search engine results are based on trustworthiness, authoritativeness, and expertise. The webmasters must ask themselves certain questions when they are assessing the quality of their content. The questions include:

  • Is the content original?
  • Is the content valuable to the audience?
  • Is the content innovative?
  • Does the content provide interesting information?
  • Does it have relevant headings or subheadings?

If the general answer was “No” in the above questions, your ranking might not be well. What so ever your reason for the content website might be, a business website or a personal hobby. The most important thing is, you do it right.

Let’s look at how can we write high-quality content to satisfy Google:

1. Create Good Quality Original Content

Google adores the original content, it goes a long way with Google as well as with the visitors. If you copy the content, you have to face the repercussions. Certain websites used to update the content daily but it was copied, so Google punished them for it.

“Originality is the key”, the ideas should be original. If you repost the same concept over and over again, it doesn’t remain original. People won’t even link to the copied content, which messes up with the sole purpose of writing content. So a series of thoughts come into your mind like outsourcing the cheap content, collection of related content, and permissible reposting. Let’s not think about it like this, and write only the useful and innovative things.

In the world of SEO, the quality of content is generally dealt with the relevance of the content. If the website satisfies the need of the search query being typed, it signifies quality content. The intention of the article or web page should be clear before writing.

2. Optimizing for Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are those web pages that are usually featured in the zero position of Google’s organic results. The content which can take this spot is the one that answers the true intention of the query.

Being on the top of the rank list tends to gain more exposure in the search queries. If you want to be featured at the snippet place, your goal should be to answer the questions of the users at the very moment.

3. The Focus Should Be on Creating Strong Headlines

A good headline makes a captivating effect on the minds of the readers. According to a survey, more than 75% of people will read the headlines and only 20-25% of them will reach the content of the website. Make the headlines a little bit curious, so that the people have an interest in reading the whole content.

You should invest time while preparing your headlines. They are the first impression of the website on the users.

4. Your Website Should Be Able to Provide Answers to the User’s Query

What is the sole purpose of a search engine? Yes! The sole purpose is to provide the desired information to the users. Whenever we type a certain query into Google, a lot of links, images, and videos open up.

Whenever a person uses a search engine, they are looking for an answer. The job of the search engine is to deliver the answer to them. When a person watches a video, the motive is to gain knowledge out of the video.

People are looking for answers fast. We should create easily accessible content so that users pick it fast.

5. Use Strategical Semantic Keywords

You must try to make your website’s keyword vocabulary as extensive as possible. You usually use the main keywords, but you can also imbibe certain secondary keywords or the latent semantic indexing using Google Search Console. Semantics are usually the significant signals but they should be relevant to the website.

6. Provide Accurate Reporting and Source of Information

When you write an article or a blog, a lot of people read it but unfortunately, something turns out inappropriate. Just imagine it can be so damaging for the company as well as the website. Your blogs or articles are the faces of your website. So you should verify any statistical or numeral information you provide in your content. You can keep in your mind certain things when you are facing an accuracy issue, you must consider who are you linking to? You can link to other sources so that the content will help the search to figure out what the content is about and its categorization.

7. Add Relevant Images and Videos

Each person learns or grasps things differently. Some people tend to learn better by visualization and some learn by hearing. You can use images, videos, or diagrams to demonstrate their point of view. Even the books use pictures to enhance their point.

So whatever your content is about, you must depict the same using certain images. No one will take interest in mere text paragraphs, adding the relevant pictures to the content adds value to the content as well.

8. Write Concise and to the Point Content

The best writing is the one that caters to the needs of the readers. It is best to eliminate the fluff. The best article or blog is to the point, short, and filled with complete information. Word count should not be a base of the writing, the longer the post doesn’t mean it is better. Your blogs should be clear and clarify the intent of the article.

To Sum Up

Don’t treat any blog or informative website lightly. The innovative and creative content would take time to be written. You must include the details, add proper titles, and clarify the intent of your content. Writing content is never a piece of cake, but if you have the passion to write about it, then the sky is the limit to rise.

There is no guarantee that your website will rise following the best practices in the creation of the content but it will definitely help your website for SEO success.