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How & Why to Link Facebook Page And Instagram For Cross-posting

Do you use Facebook and Instagram to grow your business? Here’s how to link Facebook to Instagram for cross-posting.

Facebook and Instagram both share a common platform for advertising. Instagram first had an option to share a post on Facebook. When it comes to sharing content from Facebook to Instagram, there was no such option available before. Recently, Facebook launched this feature, as well.

How To Link Instagram To Facebook Business Page

The Facebook and Instagram app does not support this feature. But don’t worry, you can use an alternative method to share your Facebook posts on Instagram as well. Tap on any previous picture on your Facebook account or your Facebook page that you wish to share to Instagram.

Tap on the image to open it in full-screen mode.

Now, tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the image.

A box will appear from the bottom with three options on it. “Save to phone,” “Share external,” and “give feedback or report photos.”

Tap on “share external,” and a menu will appear.

Tap on “feed” from the menu, and it will open the photo in your Instagram app.

Finally, publish the photo on Instagram.

That’s it. Now, if you post something on your Facebook page, it will post to Instagram as well. You might be wondering, what if I want to link my Facebook page to Instagram via computer? Don’t worry, here’s how to link Facebook to Instagram on a computer.

Open the Facebook website on your computer and the page where you want to link your Instagram account.

Click on “settings” at the top right corner of your Facebook page.

A sidebar with different options will appear. Find the Instagram option on the sidebar and click on it.

Click on login right beneath the Instagram icon on your left

This will direct you to Instagram on your desktop. Now, put in your username and password and log in.

Once you have linked your Facebook page to Instagram, you are now ready to post. Even though this is not the right option to post from your Facebook page to Instagram, it has its own benefits. For example, You don’t have to log in to your Instagram account on the Facebook app to use this method. It can work for both your personal account and business page.

How To Post From Facebook To Instagram?

After linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts, it is important to know how you can use them to cross-post.

On your Facebook page, click at the top left option that says “page.” This will direct you to the main section of your Facebook page.

Next, click on the box that says “write a post” and fill it in with your desired content.

You can also add pictures and videos by clicking on the photo/video icon on the bottom left of the “write post” box.

After adding a photo or video, check the box right next to Instagram. If you wish to post many pictures from Facebook, the Instagram option will gray out. This means you can only post one picture at a time.

After you finish with your post, click on “share now,” and your post will now be visible to Instagram as well.

Why Should You Link Your Facebook Page To Instagram

It is important to link Instagram to Facebook when you wish to post the same content on both platforms. It saves a lot of time and energy. Imagine how much time would you waste when you open each app, type the same thing again, edit, and post it. Oh, God! But, Facebook and Instagram both provide you an option to link your account and cross-post. If your Facebook account is not linked to Instagram, and you are looking to grow your business, you might face a lot of financial implications. You might need a third-party tool. To avoid any further finances, We will guide you on how to link Instagram to a Facebook business page.

An Alternative To Cross Post On Facebook And Instagram

When using the built-in feature for cross-posting on Facebook and Instagram, you need to keep few things in mind. This feature only works for single posts. For example, if you want to add many pictures from Facebook to Instagram, the option to share will gray out. It is not possible to share an old post from Facebook to your Instagram account. And this is a major setback! You can post a story from Instagram to Facebook, but you cannot do the same from Facebook to Instagram.

But don’t worry, there is a solution to every problem, and that is what we are here for. If the methods above don’t suit your needs, you can always use alternative methods to cross-post. If you have enough money for your marketing, you can use third-party services to cross-post. Hootesuite, Zohoo, and Social Champ publish are a few of the examples. For example, Hootsuite offers you a plan where you can add up to three social networks. These include Instagram and Facebook.

Posting from Facebook to Instagram limits you in a lot of ways. But, you can still post from Instagram to Facebook. This is a worthy alternative. You can use Instagram as your primary medium to post content instead of Facebook. By this, you will be able to cross-post using mobile apps and not having to log in on your desktop over and over again. You also have the option to post your stories on Facebook. Isn’t that amazing? Yet, the major setback for this is that Instagram also does not allow you to post many pictures on Facebook at a single time.

Benefits Of Cross-Posting

Businesses and companies remain very active when cross-posting through different platforms. For example, you can write a post and share it on different social media platforms. You can share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. This helps save a lot of time. It might work quite well if you have scheduled your posts and organized them on a timeline.

Cross-posting allows you topost your content on different platforms . This keeps your business healthy and active and helps you maintain your audience. It also expands your reach and attracts new followers.

Furthermore, If you are a marketer or have many business schedules, you might have a lot of work to do. It gets difficult to cope up with writing so many posts for different platforms. Platforms that have different audiences. Cross-posting will allow you to create a single worthy post and share it on different social networks.

A lot of the audience prioritizes a single social network over many other networks. For example, If your business targets teenagers, Your reach might be greater on Instagram and Snapchat. People in this certain age group are more likely to use Instagram and Snapchat. As a business, you can target certain social networks that your particular audience uses. This will attract more attention from your audience.

Posting every day and staying active will attract your audience. For example, if you post something and it gets ignored once or twice, It is possible that someone clicks on it the third time. People do it out of curiosity.

How Can Cross-posting be Downside?

Cross-posting has a lot of different benefits for big businesses. It has its own drawbacks as well. New businesses do not have much reach, so cross-posting might not work for them. The reason behind this is that Facebook and Instagram have different audiences. If your content is appropriate for Facebook, it does not mean that it might be appropriate for Instagram as well. The content that you create for a particular platform should be customized to suit its audience. If you post something that is appropriate for Facebook and not for Instagram, it might get ignored. In the worst-case scenario, it might cause your audience to unfollow you or report the post.

If you post something on Facebook that says “Double tap to like,” your audience might think that it is spam. This feature belongs to Instagram hence, and this might ruin the reputation of your brand.

Moreover, if a follower is following your brand on different platforms, they might feel annoyed if you repeat the same content. They might think that your account shares automated posts and are not unique. In the end, you might lose that follower.


Also, if the impacts of cross-posting through linked accounts worry you, you can use cross-promotion on different platforms. This means, if a particular post is visible on Instagram, and a follower clicks on it, it will direct them to your Facebook page. This is a very valid approach and circumvents any drawbacks of cross-posting. It is important to stay active or else you might lose subscribers or followers. Happy posting!