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Importance And Benefits of Digital Business Card

A Digital Business Card a.k.a electronic or virtual card facilitates information sharing over the Internet. These business cards tend to stand higher on affordability against traditional paper cards. Such electronic cards can be designed, customized, and offered to any person. Such Digital Card can contain limitless information since they lack troublesome space constraints. These digital business cards can be decorated with a photo, logo, and video, social media profiles among many others.

Digital Business cards can enable its holder to develop a variety of business cards each card can carry separate information than the other digitally. Thus the holder of a Digital Visiting Card can own a card for various purposes like friends, professional contacts, customers, or clients.

The advantages of a Digital Business Card

Ease of access -The digital business cards are accessible across electronic devices. Therefore, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tab, or smartphone, digital business cards can be accessible across devices. These digital cards are editable over an electronic device therefore, its owner can keep them updated without spending excess money.

Greener – More than 90% of business cards get wasted as they are disposed of within a week. On the contrary, the digital business card can help save over seven million trees. Since they do not require any paper usage, these cards can help save resources and space.

Inexpensive – Digital business cards are cheaper than paper cards. Since they do not require paper quality, printing material, or dye-type, digital cards can save on expenses. Sometimes premium subscriptions over these cards can enable its subscriber with access to color choices, customized URLs, QR codes, etc.

Free from direct contact – The digital business cards can be shared with anyone from anywhere through a link over text, email, or social media. Video conferencing sessions can help the participants to access the owner’s business cards as they scan the QR code.

Easier follow-ups – The digital business card does not get mingled up and lost with trash. Since they reach within the inbox of the recipient the new contact can add it seamlessly within their profession.

Creating a Digital Business Card

Digital Business Cards can enable various businesses to gain recognition amongst their customers and clients. These cards are not just economically cheaper that can save money but are also environmentally suitable for Nature. Companies can reach out to their clients without spending much effort. The Digital Business Card Maker can enable one to design their cards and share them online.

Therefore, if you are interested to own a digital business card for your firm or organization, feel free to contact the best Digital Business, Card Maker. They aim to deliver the best-in-class experience for their clients and customers and offer a decent tailor-made identity for you and your organization.

Constituents in a Digital Business Card

It should have some of the basic constituents like

  1. Holder Name.
  2. Company Title.
  3. Contact Details
  4. Landmark Location
  5. Video or picture
  6. Company Logo
  7. Color according to theme
  8. QR Code creation
  9. Social Media Account Integration
  10. Profile Pic
  11. Services or Products
  12. Whatapp Chat Button


  • We can share it unlimited times to unlimited contacts.
  • We can share DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD via sharing links, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, and QR codes.
  • We can Dial a Number, or do WhatsApp chat without saving numbers on mobile.
  • We can also integrate our Social Media Accounts on it.
  • We can save the QR code to our device and scan it when we need it.
  • It is much cheaper than a printed business card.
  • We can show our services and products on it, it works like a Mini Website.


The Digital Visiting Card Maker should design the card in a decent-yet-attractive manner. After all, these cards should be used for professional purposes. And a professional Digital Business Card Maker can help you to make an outstanding electronic Business Card.