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Improve Your Customer E-store Shopping Experience With The Help Of WooCommerce Checkout Page

The major problem many Woocommerce website pages face is that majority of the customers do not go through the purchase process. They both select the product(s) and leave it in the cart, or they log off the page as soon as they are asked to check out the products.

The first reason that visitors just leave the products in the cart is that they are expensive. When you add the shipping fee and taxes to the price of a product, it will become difficult to afford. It may start to look like an unnecessary expenditure and they would just resort to buying it later. Another reason and this is something the company can do something about, is the checkout process itself. A lot of visitors are shown to select the products and even select the checkout option, but they never go through with it. Here, your Woocommerce checkout page might be the real culprit.

A bit of Woocommerce checkout page customization might do some good for your business and here is how:

Page layout

Before you go through this whole process of customization, do an analysis first of your page first. Have a look at how many people stay once they land on your page, and how many immediately bounce. If your bounce rate is high then there is a good chance that you need to work on your webpage a little. Make sure that it is not too congested, and not overflowing with color. Remove unnecessary tabs, and categories and try to simplify your options. Your webpage should be clean, so the visitors don’t feel overwhelmed. You should have an evident search bar, clean categories, and comparison options. When a customer searches for a certain product they need to be able to compare their prices and then pick the best one. The transitioning from one page to another should be smooth and also add a chat box for queries.

Scrolling through products

Product details are important. Since the customers cannot analyze the product physically they will need as much information as they can get. This means you need to add multiple pictures from different angles, color variations, additional products, warrantees, size, and weight of the product. Give your customers the option to either purchase the products immediately, put them in a cart, or add them to the wish list.

Checkout page

This is an important step. You should allow your customers to delete things from the cart and go back and get something else instead. The checkout process should be simple. If you are opting for a one-page checkout then make sure that there are not way too many options to go through, leading the customer to scroll down for too long. You can spread out the purchase on to multiple pages as well, though not too much so that it does not become overwhelming. Ask the customers to make an account once they have placed the order, and give them an incentive to follow through

A good Woocommerce checkout page customization can do wonders for the business, the trick is to use the right strategies.

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So much has changed over the last ten years in the digital realm, and by no surprise so much is about to change in the next 10 years. Now with the pandemic in our midst, it would be interesting to see how things change from here on out.

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