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Interesting Facts About Magento Webshop That You May Not Know

Magento is the third most popular eCommerce Platform in the world. With over 1300 global partners worldwide, 250,000 merchants and 170,000 websites, it is one of the most powerful open-source codings that occupies 3% of all eCommerce sites and about 1.3% of all websites in the World Wide Web. But there are many factors, facts and figures about this technology that are known to very few people, one of them is the fact that Magento, despite all the facade and dominion, didn’t have the best security module, but with the new update of Magento 2.4.1, there are more improvements than users ever contemplated. Want to know more? Read on.

About 50 New Magento Webshop Security Improvements In New Version Of Magento 2.4.1

Magento Evangelist, Ben Marks announced the rollout of Magento Commerce and Open Source 2.4.2 on 9 February 2021, which brings the new security and performance improvements, notably the security-only patches of 2.3.6-p1 and 2.4.1-p1. With the new update users shall get the following security improvements :

● Be able to install time-sensitive security fixes without having to apply numerous functional fixes.

● Have core cookies to support the SameSite attribute and suspicious content warnings

● Expanded GraphQL API with increased scalability for eSKUs up to 20x larger.

● Over 15 new security fixes that shall close vulnerabilities owing to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Remote Code Execution (RCE).

● New CAPTCHA protection for a number of executions including GraphQL and Payment-related REST endpoints

● New and improved scanning systems will give real-time data about Webshop security health and have their own monitoring tools to detect and nullify malware

About 60% of long term users of Magento eCommerce sites had sustained at least one security issue earlier. And it adds to the repute of the platform that they are working emphatically to improve the security.

The Magento 2.4 Default Search Is No Longer Powered by MySQL

Now if you install or upgrade to Magento 2.4.1, you are going to need Elasticsearch on your server. This is likely to add higher Magento site maintenance costs, more so if your hosting provider is not compatible. That aside there are more alternates to Elasticsearch, like Klevu that bring a favourable search mechanism for your Magento Default Search system.

Some of the Biggest Brands Use Magento

While largely advocated for suiting small to medium businesses, Magento has an enriched user base of several stalwart users that include multinational companies like Ford, Pepe Jeans, Samsung, Omega Watches, North Face, Christian Louboutin, and many others lots of more. On one hand, taking the onus to power the web presence of big global brands, Magento thus carries forward the code of sustainability that gives it more and more advantage across web users, not only on the B2C eCommerce lines but also makes it equally worthwhile for powering B2B websites.

Magento’s Changing Ownership Is As Dramatic As The Platform’s Consistency

The journey of Magento started with the initiation of Developer, Roy Rubin, and his company, Varein, that published the earliest Magento versions. Over a timeline starting from 2010 and up until 2018, Magento has changed hands with owners, ranging from eBay, Permira and Adobe being the owners. The final acquisition of Magento Commerce by Adobe Systems Inc. was sold for $1.68 billion.

But what is the most dramatic is that Magento had an increased value system as it continued to improve and get better and better every time, overcoming minor to minor glitches. So upgrade to the latest version, if you are using a previous version, and if you are planning to have a Magento site in the near future, consult first with a Magento expert to see through the highs and lows of an idea, and how it works for you.