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Key Reasons to Migrate to Odoo 14 Now

If you think that Odoo ERP version 13 was faster than the previous ones then you must know now that Odoo 14 is now the fastest among all. If you are still thinking whether you should upgrade your store to version 14 now or not then here’s the right article for you to read.

While Odoo 13 came up as a fast ERP solution for building new apps and systems and for easing out complex business process management, version 14.0 was introduced as a smarter system with a brand new website-builder and many more intelligent features.

In the previous version of the ERP, the main focus was on accounting, HR, and field service applications, but in this new version 14, the key focus is given on improvising MRP, inventory, POS, and website forms.

So, now let’s take a look at the reasons why you really need to migrate your business to v-14 here.

‘Create new’ feature of Odoo 14:

This feature was absent in the previous versions of the ERP that is ‘Create New’. This option occurs when the user tries to input any data or make any entry while creating a contact, product, or something else.

The new sales module:

Version 14 of the software has come up with a new sales module that has an option called ‘Next Activity’. This showcases the current stage of the sales order. You can check the next activity very easily for any particular sales order directly from the list view with this feature.

The ‘Product price list report’ option present in the sales module of version 14 allows the users to easily print a product’s price list with the corresponding currency.

A new purchase module of the software:

You can find a key performance indicator on the purchase module dashboard for every logged-in user. And the receipt reminder in this new purchase module automatically reminds of the date of receipt of the data for every vendor. This was not there in the purchase module of the previous version.

There is a ‘re-capture’ option:

Odoo version 14 comes with a new feature or option that is ‘re-capture’ that controls the illegal website attacks of filling data in a contact form.

Expenses app:

The expenses module in Odoo 14 has a new dashboard that lets the users see the current status and the next activity for a respective expense. Also, right on the top of this dashboard, you can also see an overview of the whole expenses.

The manufacturing app of version 14:

Now, the new manufacturing orders are seen with their labelling. So, this makes it easy for the users to check the status of all the stages. In the work dashboard of v-14, you can even edit any stage of the respective processes as ‘Start’, ‘Done’, or ‘Pause’.

Now, managing the stock-outs and inventories have also become easier with this upgraded version of the software. It allows users to run the scheduler efficiently in the manufacturing app’s planning menu to identify the quantity of a product.

The ‘Lock quantities’ feature in this version is quite useful for the supervisors or managers as with this, the manufacturing of the orders will not get updated until and unless the supervisors or managers will validate the count of the products.

The new POS that is Point Of Sale:

Upgrading your business system to Odoo 14 has become essential also because the POS promotion & coupon program have now moved to the community edition of the software. Several more new features are also added for the POS inventory management.

Data cleaning:

It is one of the newly added modules in Odoo 14 enterprise edition. This module helps to remove the duplicate data thereby reducing data redundancy.

Apart from these, there is a new chart snippet tool with which the users can organise and represent qualitative or numerical data in the form of graphical charts on the website. Also, there are some other snippets like countdown snippet, step snippet, auto-pop snippet, product catalogue snippet, progress bar snippet, number snippet, timeline snippet, product list item snippet, and more. With so many new and improved things, don’t you think you can enjoy more streamlined and efficient business management by just migrating to this new version of the ERP?