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Linux Mnt System Directory – Command Examples, Ls (List) Directory – Quick Tips For Linux Commands

Viewing the Linux /mnt Technique Directory Below The / (Root) Directory

Like many of the significant Linux process directories, the /mnt listing is located instantly under the / (root) listing.

Now have a seem at the contents of the /mnt directory and uncover out what the Linux OS works by using it for.

Examples of Running the Linux ls Command to Check out Program Directories and the /mnt Directory

When you happen to be working at the Linux command line prompt, you can use a (semicolon) in between instructions to run many commands at when.

Use the 3 instructions on a single line under to: clear the display, transform to the root directory, and record the contents of this listing. Never use the “-l” choice of the ls command. Do not style in the $ symbolizing the prompt.

$ very clear cd / ls

Observe the mnt directory, which is below the / (root) directory in the entire path of /mnt.

Viewing the Contents of the /mnt Listing Route

Without the need of modifying directory, operate the adhering to command to see the contents of the /mnt listing.

$ ls -l /mnt

On your procedure this listing may be empty and my not be made use of and the /media listing could be made use of in its place.

On older Linux systems (that are even now in use) the /mnt directory is utilized to consist of directories (subdirectories) that are applied for “mount factors”. And the directories beneath /mnt are generally utilized for disk drives that use removable media, this kind of as a floppy disk drives and CD-ROM drives.

For instance, to present a “mount level” (and give accessibility to the) CD-ROM generate in a technique, the /mnt listing includes a subdirectory named cdrom.

In addition to directories beneath /mnt that signify gadgets that use removable media, this sort of as /mnt/cdrom this directory can also contain directories that are the mount factors for non-Linux partitions in a program.

For case in point, you could generate a listing in /mnt named driveC and use this as the mount position for the very first Home windows partition (generate C:) that is on a disk in a twin-boot process.

The Linux mnt program listing and the ls command concepts lined listed here utilize to ALL Linux distributions and variations, together with Purple Hat, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, SUSE, Fedora and Slackware Linux.