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Magento eCommerce Development Trends for 2020

“Which eCommerce platform should I choose?”

This question always leaves us confused.

Maybe this is why we start considering all those feature-rich eCommerce solutions available in the market.

However, when it comes to successful eCommerce development solutions, businesses prefer Magento. It offers many advanced features like in-built SEO, advanced security, payment gateways, and more. Besides, it supports around 14% of global online retail stores.

Even the experts suggest going for a Magento eCommerce development to bring in new features and trends.

Curious to know about the new updates?

Here are the new trends Magento has in store for 2020.

1. AI and Chatbots

A personalized experience, isn’t that what customers are looking for?


It is the reason why eCommerce development solutions are integrating AI and chatbots.

How do they work?

Artificial Intelligence learns customer behavior like their shopping habits and products they are interested in and recommends their products and services. Chatbots, on the other hand, help customers with basic queries or so. They help to keep customers engaged.

Both AI and chatbots enhance customer satisfaction. To keep it intact, Magento provides extensions for AI and chatbots. In the coming years, it would be more of AI and chatbots.

2. Organic Search

Driving organic traffic to enhance website visibility is another important goal.

Magento, a high performing eCommerce platform, has an inbuilt SEO and smart search feature. Using these features, you can thrive for better ranking. The features will also help you with a hike in organic search and conversion.

3. Material Design

Material Design is a design philosophy of Google that enhances the user experience by using:

● Paddings

● Layouts

● Animations

● Reactive transition

● Strong design effects

To provide customers with an intuitive UI/UX, Magento follows the design philosophy. By using these elements, you can enhance the visual appeal of your eCommerce store.

4. Micro-Interaction

Micro interaction has followed Magento in 2020. They play a significant role in engaging customers when on a website or a mobile app. For example, pressing the play button on an online video, signing up on Facebook, or hitting the Tweet icon. That one click that leads to action is what we call micro-interaction.

This charming user functionality in Magento will play an influential role in the coming days.

5. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is the hottest trend of 2020. This one-page website technique can offer a more engaging UX.

However, to implement it, you need to have a clear understanding of your inventory. As Magento can handle millions of products, the page scrolling of thousands of products in one go won’t be a challenge.

So, if you ever thought of having a minimalistic website, now is the time.

6. Using Negative Space

Negative spaces are the whitespaces (empty spaces) around the web pages’ images and content. They look of no use, but these spaces are what keep customers glued to the website.

We often bombard the space with plenty of images and content during store customization, leaving no room to breathe. We consider negative space as harmful. But the truth is it helps our customers to take a break and scan through the page.

Thus, Magento uses negative spaces to stop online store owners like us from cluttering the store. It makes the Magento eCommerce website more readable and scan-able.

7. Push Notifications

Magento now offers customized push notifications for visitors. You can send customized notifications to update customers about the new stock or upcoming offers. With Magento 2 web push notification, customers can see the message whenever the browser is open. This feature will help you to hold onto the previous customers and get instant feedback.

Winding Up

This is all about the 2020 Magento trends. It will help you stay updated. Thus, leverage the full potential of these trends with Magento eCommerce development. If you need any help, talk to a Magento development company.