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Mastering Google Ads For Shopify That Will Help You Boost Your Sales

Shopify is one of the most successful e-commerce that takes marketing business to a new level. It is a very user-friendly platform that helps you display your product in front of millions of people.

But don’t think you can level up your marketing strategy by introducing Google ads, which will act as a game-changer.

As we all are familiar with, Google has been successfully helping many businesses regardless of their size, geographical locations, industries, capital, etc. One marvelous feature is Google ads which are one of the most powerful tools in the modern marketer’s directory, providing a path to billions of users every day. There are numerous ways to use this feature that will prove to benefit your business. Using this platform for creating e-commerce ads will help you grow more audience engagement.

Imagine the combined power of Shopify and Google and how it will boost your marketing strategy, giving you the best sales report.

As you read further, you will find how Google ads are a great tool to increase your business engagement.

But before jumping onto how to use it, let us first understand some terms of Google ads.

Terminology of Google Ads

Google Ads – As the name itself suggests, this platform is an online advertising platform. The 2two most important Google ad types are Search and Shopping.

Search ads – A text-based advertisement emerges on the top of the Google search.

Shopping ads – A product-based advertisement emerges at the top of Google search results showing pricing and photos.

Campaign – A group of advertisements sharing setting same as budget.

Ad group – One or more ad sharing similar targets.

Budget – The average amount you want to spend over a month.

Impression – How frequently your advertisement is displayed.

CPC – Cost Per Click

CTR – Click-Through-Rate

Now that we are well-known with the terms of Google Ads- lets us move forward with the tips for using Google Ads for Shopify .

Below are 04 tips that will understand what Google Ads has to offer us to enhance the marketing strategy:

Increase Traffic Of Your Store And The Sales

Google has billions of users, and it is growing every day. Therefore, using Google as a source to attract an audience will get you immense traffic to your website. Researching for keywords will show you the best keywords for your e-commerce ads.

Gather more information about your users.

Google Ads will provide valuable information about your audience that will profit you in understanding what they need. Google Ads will help you find out which keyword was helpful for the audience to reach your ads. This way, you can alter your keyword and, you will get to know which keyword is not working for you.

The Different Google Ads Campaigns

Google offers different ad campaigns that you can consider according to your needs. Search, Display, Shopping & Remarketing will help you reach- possibly all users and gain tons of traffic to your website. Using all types of ad campaigns and testing them will help you get a better understanding of which one suits your brand the best.

Having Control On Your Budget.

Isn’t it a great feature- that you can decide which campaigns but, you can also decide how much you want to invest in that? Running multiple A/B Tests to see which campaigns, ad groups, or keywords are performing better. This way, you can decide whether to increase your budget or to lower it. You will have total control of your budget and you are free to choose how much money you want to invest in Google Ads.

After all, is said and done-

Google Ads will surely be a game-changer for an e-commerce site like Shopify. Both of these platforms are the best at what they do. Therefore, understanding their potential is very important. Hopefully, the article will help you and will give you better clarity about both of these amazing platforms.