Maximo Database Configuration

TO Increase

1) Linking the fields to Domain (predefined lists)
2) Linking the fields to Conditional Expressions (to improve characteristics according to the point out/standing of the item)
3) Linking the fields to Coding (to make nice stuff!)
4) Copying values from other paperwork (i.e. having values on bill from PO)

Incorporating the attribute in Database Configuration

The Databases Configuration is made use of to make improvements to the underlying database specifically from Maximo. The software involves performance to:
1) Generate new and Amend present Maximo objects which could be mapped into database tables
2) Administer the characteristics within these objects which could be mapped into database attributes
3) Administer database indexes
4) Administer associations with other Maximo objects

Modifications to this software could have adverse consequences on the process and really should be for that reason tried on a exam surroundings ahead of remaining replicated in a dwell procedure.

The following techniques describe how to include an attribute to an present item:
1) From the Go To menu find Program Configuration > Platform Configuration > Database Configuration

2) From the List tab research and pick out the item to which you would like to include an attribute. The object names usually map into the objects which exist in the database

3) Decide on the Attributes tab

4) Click on on the New Row button

5) Incorporate the adhering to details:
a. Attribute – the inside identify to be utilized for the new area

b. Description – applied to explained the use of the subject to the people and will seem in context delicate enable display

c. Style – the style of the field which can involve:
i. ALN – Alphanumeric
ii. Upper – Higher Case
iii. YORN – Boolean Certainly / No worth
iv. Day – Date benefit
v. DATETIME – Day and time benefit
vi. INT – Integer
d. Length – the size of the industry

e. Essential – whether the area can be still left blank by the users

f. Title – the subject description to be employed on monitor

g. Domain – a backlink to an current list of worth from which the person can decide on

h. Default Value – the value to be added to the area when a new occasion is developed, this can be later altered by the consumer

6) Help save the document
When the document is saved Maximo understands that the new subject is awaiting configuration but this adjust will not be mapped into the database until finally the databases configuration program is run.

Coming into Administrative Mode
In buy to be capable to run the configuration plan directly from the Maximo application the program ought to be switched to Administrative Method. Administrative method signifies that only unique users will be permitted into the method, generally the types which are element of the administrator groups, and logs off all other customers and does not all distant connectivity (hence it will only enable login by the server).

Turning on Admin Manner will log off all the buyers in the system and ought to thus be utilized with due care.

Administrative manner also suspends all functioning cron tasks and listeners.

Administrative mode can be switched on from the Databases Configuration software. In order to change this on:
1) Click on on the List Tab of the Databases Configuration application
2) From the Pick out Motion menu find Deal with Admin Mode
3) Click on Convert Admin Mode ON. Relying on the settings on your program you may well be asked to enter your password and purpose for this.
4) Periodically click the Refresh Position button. When the procedure is Admin Manner you will acquire a concept stating this.

The method really should be established into Admin Method with user which has obtain to the program when in Admin mode in any other case the person will be logged off.

Configuring the Databases
When the procedure has been effectively set into Admin method, the upcoming action is to configure the databases. The databases configuration regimen maps the changes manufactured in the Maximo Databases Configuration application to the databases.

Warning: Ahead of continuing with this step, make absolutely sure to consider a database backup. This can be used to return to the past state if there are difficulties with the databases configuration.

This can be done by:
1) Click on on the List Tab of the Databases Configuration application
2) Make absolutely sure that the ‘Do you have a current backup?’ checkbox is ticked
3) Click on on Begin Configuring the Database button. Relying on the configurations on your process you could possibly be questioned to enter your password and cause for this.
4) Simply click on the Refresh Position button periodically. This will fetch the present status of the process and exhibit it on display screen. When the course of action finishes you will be supplied a information stating this.

Introducing the attribute to the Application

At this level the attribute has been included to the databases but it is not nonetheless available for the consumers to interact with. In order for the users to be in a position to use the new discipline this needs to be extra to the correct software. This can be accomplished as a result of the Application Designer application in Maximo. This can be completed by subsequent these ways:

1) From the Go To menu select Technique Configuration > System Configuration > Application Designer

2) On the Listing tab search for and find the application you would like to amend

3) This will consider you to workspace tab which will show a WYSIWYG copy of the application which can be amended making use of alternatives on toolbar menu
The functions circled from remaining to appropriate are:
i) Management Palette – made use of to increase new controls to the software, which include text boxes, sections and tables
ii) Command Properties – made use of to amend the properties of the now lively management

4) Open up the Regulate Palette by click on on the to start with circled button above.

5) Drag the Text box to the area on the software wherever you wish to add the recently produced field

6) At the time added to the correct spot use the Management Qualities dialog box to define the aspects of the new industry

7) From the dialog the following are the extra essential fields:
i. Label – the benefit to show adjacent to the field, when not working with the default benefit
ii. Attribute – the title of the attribute developed in the Database Software
iii. Lookup – any lookup to attribute to the subject (use DATELOOKUP for date fields, and VALUELIST for fields connected to Maximo domains)
iv. Enter Method – specifies no matter if the area is read through-only, or required

8) When done preserve the application and examination the application specifically in Maximo.

Warning: Altering an application should be accomplished when no people are in utilizing that application. If anyone is using the software the consumer could be logged off the process without having warning resulting in reduction of do the job.

Ahead of producing any improvements to an application make guaranteed to just take a again of the application. This can be performed by the Software Designer software by next these measures:
1) From the Go To menu find System Configuration > System Configuration > Software Designer
2) On the Listing tab lookup for and select the software you would like to again-up
3) From the Workspace tab click on the Export Software Definition.

This will export the software picked to an XML structure which should be saved and stored for risk-free trying to keep just in circumstance you want to revert to an more mature edition of the application.

Keep in mind: Transform the Admin Manner off soon after all the improvements are accomplished to make it possible for the customers back again into the technique.