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Most Popular Android App Development Tools in 2021

Android applications are in their heyday. As per the Stats reports, you can find nearly 3 billion applications in the Google Play Store today. And with this count consistently going up every single day, it is becoming more important for businesses to launch high-quality ROI-driven apps for Android devices.

Nowadays, with the increasing competition in the Android App Store, the developers need to pay more attention to every single feature besides being productive enough to create enhanced quality apps during the android app development process. And there are a wealth of tools available in hand for making the development process better, more effortless and faster.

This article is written to give you a glimpse of the latest tools available in the market. Want to know what these are? Take a look at the best toolbox or android application development kit.

Android Studio:

Undoubtedly, Android Studio comes first in the list because of its high popularity and usage in android application development. It is the official IDE for android that allows easy code editing, debugging, and testing.


This is also an Android IDE, which allows easy development of applications for this platform. AIDE offers a way to write codes, run applications, debug and test the same on phones and tablets. This tool is a great option for all novice app developers.


Stetho is the open-source tool or library introduced by Facebook. It is designed to ensure quick app debugging. This tool gives the apps a website like an experience by allowing the apps to run on some desktop browsers as well, making the use of some of the Chrome Developer tools.


This is again an open-source automated system that was introduced a few years back but is in use greatly by the developers now. Combining the powers and features of Apache Ant and Apache Maven, this tool is perfect for large builds and multi-projects for Android. Gradle makes it simple to add third-party libraries with single line codes. It is mostly used for building android apps with Java, but it also comes with Scala and Groovy plugins.

Android Asset Studio:

Android Asset Studio is an amazing set of tools that are easy to use and can generate different types of icons required for designing and developing apps.


It is a power-packed for detecting memory leaks. Once installed, this tool automatically launches and notifies you of all memory leaks in the app you have built. There is also an in-built stack trace that helps to rectify the issues.

IntelliJ IDEA:

JetBrains introduced a Java Integrated Development Environment with android support. It is a great alternative to the first tool mentioned here that’s Android Studio and is mainly used to develop simple applications. IntelliJ IDEA is comparatively fast and it comes with diverse app development tools for smart code writing, instant refactoring and analysis of codes, and supports JetBrains plugins.

RAD Studio:

An Android IDE where developers can create applications with ease. RAD Studio comes with a visual designer as well as a code editor that helps with easy writing of codes, compiling them, and then deploying the hybrid apps with just a single code base. RAD Studio supports the entire SDLC. Developers can even make use of its trial version in the beginning.

Apart from these summarised above, there is a flock of tools more to be mentioned in this list of 2021 like Source Tree, Unity 3D, GameMaker: Studio, BlockCanary, AVD Manager, Firebase, Vysor, Android Debug Bridge, NimbleDroid.

Android application development is evolving rapidly and these tools make their work even easier. The choice of tools generally boils down to the preferences of the business owners and their business requirements. However, this article is written with the aim to deliver useful information about the latest tools that can be used to meet the user demands and satisfy the clients with the most flawless applications.