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Must-Have Skills To Look For Before Hiring Dot Net Developers For Your Business

The world of web development is reaching new heights with new technologies and frameworks introduced by big giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more. These frameworks are not only offering innovative and advanced ways to companies to bring their business on the web but also giving job opportunities to many IT professionals.

One such emerging framework is ASP.NET by Microsoft. This framework helps in developing reliable, advanced, and scalable web applications for web and mobile platforms. Dot NET framework is rapidly expanding with many new tools and technology. Moreover, .NET developers are highly experienced, versatile, and talented professionals that will help you develop incredible websites for your businesses’ growth.

However, like any other emerging technology, this framework is also largely competitive. You will find hundreds of developers considering themselves experienced and talented enough to work on your project. Thus, hiring a dedicated Dot Net developer is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of things you need to consider other than their resumes. Before you hire a .NET developer for your next web project, you need to learn what skills and traits you should look for. To help you find the best suited .NET developer for your company, we have listed down some skills that you should consider before hiring a .NET developer for your web project.

  • Skills You Should Consider Before Hiring a .NET Web Developer
  • A Dot Net developer not only develops web applications for you using the framework but also has to carry some other responsibilities. These include:
  • Creating text-based applications that are run on multiple .NET based applications
  • Creating the code to access the applications
  • Resolve any system-related error or bug.
  • Designing different applications
  • Support and maintain the applications.
  • Create, manage, and defect tracking systems and a lot more.

Thus, a .NET developer must do all this and a lot more when it comes to the development process. However, this is not it. There are some other skills as well that he/she should possess. Let us know about these additional skills to look for while hiring a Dot Net developer:

Complete Knowledge of ASP.NET Framework:

If you are planning to hire a Dot Net developer for your company, the first skill that a developer should possess is the knowledge of the ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) framework. This framework is gaining popularity day by day and can be easily implied by developers to develop high-quality, reliable, and robust web applications. Therefore, this skill must be considered as the topmost parameter while hiring a dedicated Dot Net Developer for your web development project.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Certification:

Another major skill that a Dot Net developer should possess is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification. This certification by Microsoft has an emerging demand in the market. The deployment and maintenance of this certification come from Microsoft itself and requires a modification after every 2 years. Thus, You must hire a dot net developer who has competency in MCSD certification.

Database Application:

Microsoft .NET uses many databases of its own, but still, the creator needs to be competent in this domain. While the program exists, it requires a qualified developer, and that is why most employers are looking for one. It contributes to his/her portfolio if a developer is talented with SQL, as well as can work with programs such as Entity Framework. Therefore, you should hire a dot net developer who has complete knowledge of Database Application.

Client-side web development technologies

A Dot Net developer should know client-side web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. These technologies are highly helpful when it comes to developing creative, interactive, and eye-catchy web apps for their clients. Thus, whenever you interview a Dot Net developer, make sure he is experienced in all these technologies so that he can help you in developing appealing web apps and websites.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

Another most valued and popular certification in the market that a Dot Net developer must possess is the Microsoft MVP certification. If a developer has acquired MVP, it means he is highly active in the Microsoft online’s community. He is considered to have acquired high technical knowledge and leadership skills in the .NET framework. Thus, consider this skill as important while hiring a Dot Net developer for your project.

Highly Experienced

Without a doubt, experience is a highly important skill that you should look into before hiring a dedicated Dot Net developer. The more experienced, the better will be the work performed by the developer. A Dot Net developer must possess years of experience working on different technologies like C#, VB.NET, MVC, and more. He should also be well-updated with all the latest trends and advancements happening in the market and can apply all those in your web project as well.

Great Communication Skills

Communication is another important skill that you should consider before hiring a .NET developer for your project. A web developer must translate complex codes and other features of the framework to clients in an easily understandable manner. Moreover, he must have basic knowledge about the niche of your business so that he can easily communicate to you all his requirements and vice-versa. Thus, great communication skills are essential while hiring a web developer.

Additional skills

Some additional skills that you should look for while hiring a .NET developer are flexibility in work, proficiency in C# language, understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, great SQL skills, and a knack for analytical thinking. Moreover, he should not make unrealistic promises when it comes to working on something as well as should deliver projects before the scheduled time.

Wrapping Up!

When you hire an ASP.NET developer for your web project, keep in mind that only an impressive resume or theoretical knowledge about technologies is not enough criteria to hire. You must make sure that he fulfills all the above-mentioned skills and has good experience in practical aspects of the framework as well. Moreover, they should be keen to learn more and apply their best knowledge in the project.