My Google Wish List

There are a amount of “wishes” that I have for Google&#39s foreseeable future. Though I would like amount one position for all of my significant key terms and phrases, but I would be ready to settle for Google acknowledging at the very least a few of my wishes that will advantage the look for local community as a entire.

Google commenced out as the beloved kid, a fledgling start out up that was all coronary heart, and nowadays they are a “hated” brand name. Why the tumble from grace? In some methods Google is a victim of the far too big, too potent, and too productive affliction that attacks corporations that realize a stage of achievement that handful of organizations dream of. Now that does not necessarily mean that I am supplying them a pass, they have room to make improvements to and I really do not dislike them. I just believe there is a whole lot of parts they could enhance.

I sat down and wrote an open up letter to Google about my needs and dreams for their long term:

Expensive Google,

You should contemplate the following for spots of advancement.

1. Usenet and RSS.

Please, I&#39m begging, (groveling if it will aid) generate RSS feeds for Google Teams search phrase queries. Think of the value, you could observe Usenet for firm or merchandise names employing RSS feeds. This would be an really quick way for enterprises (and Google customers) to continue to be in tune with what is currently being stated on Usenet and in discussion boards about particular matters.

2. Privateness Coverage.

Make clear Google&#39s privateness coverage, and convey to me Precisely how you are going to use the combination data you acquire. Even though most of us recognize that the personal information and facts collected is of small price, the combination information is particularly important. Google is an very highly effective enterprise, and this collective details gives them a big benefit in negotiating acquisitions or determining trends. Many of us regard Google, its size and electricity, but do not necessarily want to contribute to Google&#39s more growth. Apply a way for shoppers wishing to spend a rate, to choose not to have their data aggregated or tracked.

3. Protect Your Buyers.

For goodness sake, don&#39t make it so simple for people today to rip off computer software corporations. Why do you propose cracks or serials on the Google Recommend tool? Remember to assist secure the intellectual home of your clients!


4. Stop Tracking All the things I do!

I login in to Writely (now Google Docs) and sense as if I am becoming stalked, you keep an eye on queries, you monitor tracking by analytics, you watch advertising by Google Adwords, you keep an eye on income attained as a publisher by way of Google AdSense, and now you have connected numerous of the accounts together. Be sure to give end users a small privateness, or the capacity to very easily control several logins.

5. Explain to Me How A lot I Make!

Clearly convey to publishers what share selection they can count on to acquire when they serve AdSense on their articles sites. Now, I comprehend that it could range publisher to publisher, but disclose a array. Or at the really least, take into consideration adopting a product related to Amazon&#39s exactly where publishers share of earnings attained is centered on their volume.

6. Google Inform via RSS.

The recent Google notify process is from the 1990&#39s (figuratively speaking) please offer you an solution to obtain Google alerts through RSS feeds. I know you can setup a Google News research making use of RSS, it seems silly that it is not out there via Google Alerts.

7. More quickly Website Indexing.

Google is all about research, proper? Why are they so gradual at indexing blogs? In fact the Google blog search performs far even worse than several of the blog distinct lookup engines. Look for must be Google&#39s toughness rather of a weakness. Even the breadth of weblogs searched, and the similar weblogs listed on Google&#39s blog lookup are on the thin facet. Surely space for improvement in this area.

8. Similar Rules.

I would like that the procedures have been the similar for all AdSense publishers irrespective of the income that they created. In talking with publishers, it is apparent that there are a unique established of standards, dependent on the profits developed or website traffic that a web page gets. Keep the participating in subject even, if an individual is employing a subversive tactic, they should really have be penalized irrespective of their revenue.

9. Fight 2nd Technology Fraud.

What is second era fraud? Fraudsters bid superior for AdWords, what they are spending for search phrases or phrasing is irrelevant, since the credit score card they are employing is fraudulent. They make respectable affiliate revenue through the site and financial gain from their “no cost” targeted visitors. Google ought to help connect the dots on these web pages, and ban the internet websites from their organic index.

10. Fall DMOZ.

Please possibly fall the Google Dmoz directory listings, or fork out to employees DMOZ with respected editors who can continue to keep up. The Dmoz listings are hopelessly outdated and not reflective of existing websites.

11. Shield Copyrights / Logos.

Google looks to flip-flop on the problem of making it possible for competition to bid on branded words and phrases in their AdWords accounts. The present-day policy appears to be, that opponents are unable to use a trademark in the advertisement, but opponents can however bid on trademarked terms. A firm Google&#39s sizing should really have a lot more regard for logos. I seriously would like Google would stand agency on the situation of trademarks and avoid competitors from bidding on the terms.

12. Bury the Sandbox.

Dispose of the sandbox or getting older hold off, or heck get rid of both of those. Confront it, worthwhile internet sites are produced every day. The Internet is fluid and important web-sites should not be penalized because of their youth. The sandbox and growing older hold off, may possibly discourage spam web pages, but there have to be a much better way.

13. Allow Me Be Nameless!

Why do you need my private information? Does it truly matter in the huge plan of every thing that Google does? Why do you involve my private information?

14. Cease Putting US Providers at a Downside.

Canadian and non-US companies can setup basically hundreds of AdSense publisher accounts, still US corporations are tracked utilizing tax ID figures for this reason they can only have a person account.

15. Weigh Wikipedia A lot less.

Allows encounter it, Any individual can edit Wikipedia. The details browse in Wikipedia may be correct a person working day and incorrect the subsequent. Wikipedia is a wonderful source, but is not a reliable indicator of data. You should do not use one-way links from Wikipedia to reveal a web-sites truly worth. Wikipedia works by using the exact same product as Dmoz which has languished, volunteers can only do so substantially.

16. Make an RSS Search Motor.

Why hasn&#39t Google done this? I am baffled. The web site lookup motor is not an RSS search motor, take into account the power of being in a position to look for ALL RSS feeds. There are a selection of little RSS look for motor portals out there but there is not a apparent leader, this is where by Google could and must be.

17. Halt Acquiring Corporations.

Stop the paying for, Google is significant adequate currently. Finish all the issues that Google has begun. Hold in thoughts that when the archives on the Web may possibly past eternally, it is uncommon that firms retain electrical power and clout for any duration of time. Recall Infoseek, or Altavista? Emphasis on your strengths.

Although my Google desire list may seem to be trivial, these are all issues that Google could do to receive their way back into my fantastic graces.