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NDA – An Additional Layer Of Security To Protect Your App Idea

You have got an app idea, and you are ready to start a new journey for your business which will be filled with intense revenue goals and growth.


But wait, how would you start your journey?

Simple, you would go to an app development company, share your app idea, and they will start building on it…right?

Absolutely right!

But don’t you think so you are missing an important piece of the puzzle?

And what’s that?

Have you thought if your app idea is protected? How can you ensure your app concept would not be taken into consideration by any third party?

There are very clear chances that you may not end up with the very first app builder you share your app idea with, but due to numerous factors, you would share it with multiple vendors and then choose the best. In such a tumultuous environment, it is very likely that any of the broken chains in between can make your idea slip away and somebody else would use it.

OOPS, that is the scariest part, and you didn’t pay attention to it.

Well, it is not late, you can still fix the issue by simply getting an NDA signed.

Yeah, for a new app development journey, NDA- non-disclosure agreement is the lead player, that gives you a layer of protection, much before your app idea gets into the baking tray.

Are you confused about what am I referring to even?

Well, will not take any further moment but would like to draw your attention towards this post, which will help you get a clear understanding of NDA and how you can implement it.

Let’s dive in together…

NDA; what is the worth?

Hmm, it is a very valid question, that has been asked by millions of entrepreneurs out there, as they feel it is a simple document that can be avoided. Let me clear the doubts for you, when you take your app idea to an app development company, there are chances that any feature/functionality or the entire concept of the app, can be leaked. Here, NDA- non-disclosure agreement, comes into practice, which works as a contractual agreement stating that both parties involved will protect the confidentiality of the information within the app, and will not disclose to any third-party through any means or without seeking consent.

With the NDA it becomes easier for the businesses to prevent their ideas and not to disclose any confidential information with others.

NDA is the best way to protect your app idea!

Every app concept is different from others, even if it is a tad similar but certainly, it has something different to offer, Hence, it is very necessary for you to save your app concept from being stolen. NDA is a legal document that restricts any type of information to be leaked and keeps the information within a specific range of people who are likely to work on the app project.

Once NDA is signed, the signatories’ parties are bound not disclosing any information related to the app outside.

How an NDA protects your app concept?

For a business to build a great app product is not a buzzword, but a real-time necessity, and to protect this idea from the competitors is the need of the hour. To make this happen, businesses take different types of steps, and here NDA works best.

And in this run, one of the best ways to protect the idea is by entering into a “Non-Disclosure Agreement”. It enables businesses to proceed with sharing their ideas with others (required individuals) without any risk involved.

Essentials to be considered while making an NDA

The timeframe of an NDA

Secret features to be protected under the NDA

Duties and obligation of the parties involved in the NDA

Consequences of NDA breach

Return of information to be added in an NDA

Final thoughts

NDA for mobile app development is a platform that assures to offer an extra layer of accuracy and protection to the app concept. Your team of mobile app developers can help you fix the issues of making an NDA that is filled with required elements to save your concept from being stolen. Protect your app idea with the right NDA document.

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