Protect Your ClickBank Download Page

ClickBank is obviously the top rated electronic market put in the world-wide-web earth and it has brought out a whirl round in selling electronic merchandise and has been the stage for many attainable authors who would not have been discovered in the real environment publishing. Let us not limit it to eBooks, any electronic product that is sold in the ClickBank might have minimal or no opportunity to be marketed with out a platform like ClickBank. Has it not designed it probable to linger the entrepreneurship in every single seller in their network?

However there is an inherent delinquency which has been ignored by click lender. Electronic merchandise theft is a single of a in no way solvable trouble with ClickBank. Nonetheless people find a backdoor to get a pirated model. Adhering to are the many alternatives to get no cost downloads:

• A item can be stolen by weak ‘Thank you ‘ web site URL that might be quickly guessed
• A challenging url shared by a single buyer to his mates
• By just mailing the solution by itself as an attachment.

Apparently there is no 1 ultimate resolution to sweep of product or service piracy, but there are ways to deliver down the selection of no cost downloads.

The existing security methods such as ClickBank protection script, a complicated URL are extremely weak or not quickly available. ClickBank offers a code to secure your ‘thank you’ web site, it is absolutely superior but the catch is nonetheless good the code may perhaps be a seller wants technological abilities to customize it to every of your products. The challenging URL system can constantly be shared by one particular customer to his buddies and as a result subsequent loss of sale.

I am a world wide web developer and I get quite a few shoppers (ClickBank vendors) inquiring me to shield their Thank You webpages (from remaining posted in discussion boards and search engines). Dependent on ClickBank API, I not too long ago safeguarded download web pages for a shopper. In the method, I also noticed that a lot of other distributors charging about $50 per month. I would say its a STEAL.