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PWA or Native App – Which One is Best For Your E-commerce Business?

With the adoption of innovative solutions, the E-commerce industry is rapidly growing. Undoubtedly, mobile applications are playing a crucial role and helps users to meet daily lives requirements.

It allows small – large enterprises to target wider audiences, improve brand visibility, and attract customers with new strategies. Along with this, in this digital era, launching mobile applications have turned as the key of success for companies. It ensures them to meet the modern standards and stay ahead in the market competition.

If you are also planning to launch your E-commerce based applications for your customers, then there are several important decisions you have to make. Among them, the foremost one is to choose the right development process – Native or progressive web app development services !

Native applications allow developers to build applications for the specific platform with its supported technologies whereas, Progressive Web Applications refers to PWA and delivers a native app like experience to users.

Progressive Web Apps

A progressive web application is a solution, which is built with common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript but they provide similar native based app experiences. They support both standards-compliant browsers, including desktop and mobile devices.

It is expected that in future, this technology will replace the web and native app development concept and bring a single instance to launch the solution to the users. Users aren’t required to download them and also support in offline mode.

Native Applications

Native applications are required to be downloaded from the dedicated app marketplace. It is built for particular platforms with the specific technologies. Undoubtedly, this technology offers high performance and engaging user experience.

Reasons why businesses should opt for the Progressive web applications?

Low Development Cost

One of the major reasons that organisations should opt for the PWA based solutions is they don’t have to launch the same solution for multiple platforms. With native platforms, enterprises have to develop the application for both Android and iOS operating systems as well as solutions that support particular browsers. This results in a costly development process as it requires investment in the resources for different platforms.

Progressive web applications are compatible with multiple devices and allows business owners to save the investment otherwise required in separate development processes.

2) Wide Customer Reach

Progressive web applications help to expand the boundaries of the businesses with one solution only. Hence, with one development process, entities are enabled to target the wider audiences. It ensures them to meet with the ultimate business goals. Along with this, websites help to engage users and increase the chances to reach wider audiences due to its high performances. It also increases to gain users from SEO based strategies. But when it comes to Native platforms, limited users can be targeted.

3) More Secure

The risk of hacking information is increasing at a high level on the digital platform. In order to minimize the risk and turn the platforms into more secure, Google has switched from HTTP to HTTPS(secure) technology. They also make it compulsory for the publishers to switch their websites to this version. In order to launch successful websites on the browsers, developers have to follow this guideline and it offers secure and seamless experience to the businesses. It turns companies to get rid of the stress of losing their data and connection.

4) No Updation Requires

With native platforms, to leverage the advanced functionalities, users have to upgrade the versions with the latest one. But progressive web application users aren’t required to upgrade the solutions. It gets automatically updated from the developers end and users are able to utilise them without updating to the other version, they only have to browse them in the particular platform.

5) Less development efforts

In order to develop applications for Android and iOS platforms, programmers have to build solutions, as per the different platform guidelines. They have to focus on several other attributes also, which include user experience and performance. With the PWA development process, developers are able to develop the solutions, same as the web development websites and similar technologies. It requires less development efforts.


Progressive web application development is considered as the future of the development industry. It is expected that in coming years apart from the E-commerce sector, other enterprises will also opt for this technology. In this blog post, we have covered some of the reasons why companies should opt for it.