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React JS vs Angular – Web Development

User interface development has been burgeoning for last few years and grabbing the interests of many programming lovers.

For those who have volition to enter the IT industry as an UI developer must learn two technologies which are React and Angular.

But most of the front-end web developers get confused between these two popular names and cannot figure out how to start. Thus, this article is prepared to take away this confusion completely.

Before coming to the differences, let’s first have a quick overview of both of them.

React JS

React JS one of the most popular front-end libraries of JavaScript which is used to develop websites and web applications and is capable to maintain them all.

History: React JS was developed by Facebook in 2013 and is maintained by Facebook itself. React JS is also known as React, react.js and Facebook react.js.

This library helps the web developer to make the website or application interactive within the least time. In today’s scenario React JS has become an essential part of UI development and assists the developers to stand out their work.

Now let’s know about Angular.


Angular is a framework of JavaScript in which the script is to be typed.

History: Angular was developed and maintained by Google.

It allows web developers to build compelling user interfaces with HTML and Typescript.

Coming to our main topic now.

Difference between React JS and Angular

1. Structure

There is a maintained structure in Angular which has its own important functions. Angular has its own library.

Hence we need to do only coding to create the application. In it we possess unlimited freedom to develop any application by coding in our own way. It is easy to learn and let the users work with the extended version of html which is available in angular templates.

Some important features of Angular as follows:

Angular provides:

  • Form Validation feature
  • Routing feature
  • State Management
  • CLI-Command line interface and many more such features

On the other hand when we talk about React JS; it provides us more liberty as it is used to develop view part.

Following are some characteristics of React JS:

  • No dependency injection
  • Instead of classic templates, it has JSX an XML-Like language build to the top of JavaScript.
  • Utilities for unit-testing component
  • Fetch for Ajax request
  • XSS protection

2. Use of dom

React JS uses virtual dom which makes the application run fast.

React JS writes JavaScript inside the UI Template. Therefore we don’t need to write JavaScript separately. And this result is said to be JSX.

Whereas Angular uses regular dom which updates the entire Tree Structure of HTML. Regular Dom works very slow. When we work in Angular we need to take a separate template to write JavaScript.

3. Need of knowledge

In React JS one must have knowledge of JavaScript and its library. One doesn’t need to memorize much but should have knowledge of basics, routing library and state management library.

Having this much of knowledge anybody can start building applications. But for Angular we need to learn specific syntax like directives/pipes, databinding etc.

We must know about many things such as directives, modules, decoding components, service, pipes templates etc. and many other advanced topics. This is because; in Angular we work in Framework.

4. Component

Before moving ahead first of all we should consider what the components are.

Components are used in table, footer, and sign in form. These components are such flexible that same kinds of components can be reused in different projects. Both React JS and Angular are component based.

5. Usage among popular brands

Here are some companies using Angular

  • Google
  • Nike
  • Forbes
  • General Motor
  • HBO
  • Sony

Here are some companies using ReactJS

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • The New York Times

We have seen many similarities as well as differences between the two but the fundamental distinction is that Angular is a framework and React is a library. In nutshell it is concluded that React and Angular both have their own importance and should be equally used.