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Reactjs Web Development Key Features

In order to ease the process of overall web development, there are multiple frameworks available in the market. Each of these frameworks has its own uses and benefits and provides a host of new features and functions to different developers and designers. Despite react JS not be classified as a full-fledged framework, many developers and designers still continue to use it. So why is react JS so popular among developers and designers? In this article, we will list down what all features make react JS so popular among developers.

We will list down the key features of react JS which will shed light on why you should use react JS for any web development project.

Reactjs Web Development: Key Features

Reactjs Web Development: Key Features

Reactjs Web Development: Key Features

Virtual DOM:

Virtual Dom is one of the main characteristics that react JS provides developers and designers to implement. Because of this reason react JS facilitates and enables developers to quickly code and develop faster applications that are flexible using react JS.

React JS as a standard memory reconciliation algorithm. Because of this react JS can replicate avoid duplicate a web page in memory using its virtual memory. because of this, the virtual DOM is a compact representation of the original DOM.

When every modification happens to the web application, the virtual Dom representing the single page in memory refreshes the entire user interface. The virtual Dom enables developers to only change specific components and not all components. This enables developers to instantly see the changes in memory without having to refresh the whole web page.

Because of this react JS makes react applications development quicker and cost-effective.


JSX is an abbreviation for JavaScript XML. This is being a language syntax that is similar in nature to HTML, and if favorably used to describe the appearance of an application’s user interface.

JSS is one of the best features to happen to react JS. Using this syntax, developers and designers are able to create react components that are almost identical to its HTML path. These HTML parts are injected into the web pages. Because of this reason writing the building blocks of web pages using react JS proved to be an effortless in a simple way for developers to create web applications which provides them an easy way to develop applications.

One way data binding:

The main reason you should use react JS for your next project is because of its one-way data flow. React JS enables and uses a unidirectional data flow approach. This means that the developers are not able to edit any components directly. Developers can only use call that features and functions to make any changes to these components. This process is known as one-way data binding.

React JS many uses Flux, which is a JavaScript architecture used to control data flow from a single point of source. Unidirectional data flow enables React JS developers to have better control over the application being developed over any kind of architecture be it web or mobile.

This is proven to enhance the flexibility of applications does making them have higher efficiency than any other application.

Declarative User Interface:

React JS is best used for the creation of engaging as well as interacting web applications and user interfaces for such kinds of mobile and web applications.

In any event for happening a data modification, react JS is able to adequately render as well as update the changes for the right components just in time. It generates a simple view for each and every state of the application. because of this the code is created to be more readable as well as simple and easier to debug and manage.

Component-based architecture:

The software architecture that React JS uses is component-based in nature. In short, the user interface of a react-based mobile or web application is segregated and divided into major chunks known as components. Each of these components and its own programming logic. this logic is written using the JavaScript language instead of just using templates that are available to developers. This provides react developers to manage and enabled the flow of data to the application draw the user interface without affecting the document object model.

The components that that are designed using react JS play some major role in the development and designing as well as determining the various kind of interactions that the application will have with the user as well as provide visuals in the application.


So you see react JS is a fine Framework for use of development and designing which has multiple uses to design and develop web applications and mobile applications for the user. Because of its surging popularity and efficiency provided to developers, this Framework has been a favourite of developers, and many application designers prefer to use this Framework for development purposes. we have shared with you the key features that React JS has for application development.