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Reasons That Make Magento The Best Platform For eCommerce Development

Studies and research have revealed that nearly 40% of the online stores are built with the Magento platform. And this is because of the fact that Magento comes with some of the most eCommerce-specific and amazing features like a robust structure, strong community support, user-friendly interface, and more.

When it is all about building customer-driven e-stores, it is seen that most of the business owners go with a Magento development company. Even eCommerce developers suggest this platform to the store owners. And there are several reasons for it, some of which are unfolded here for you if you are one of them who want a great eCommerce site for your business.

Reasons that make Magento a great choice for eCommerce website development.

It is open-source in nature:

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is available in different versions, free, hosted, and enterprise versions. ECommerce developers generally prefer to go with the free version for creating the e-stores. Moreover, with this open-source nature, Magento comes with a pool of engaging features and functions that makes eCommerce website development even more flawless and effortless for the developers.

It is designed especially for eCommerce:

This platform is designed exclusively for building e-stores. You can find the most basic eCommerce features here like inventory management, supplier chain management, advanced shipping, user dashboard, etc. This platform also enables product bundles, newsletters, CMS options, cross-selling features, and more.

Ensures mobile responsiveness:

ECommerce websites built with Magento are extremely mobile responsive owing to the HTML5 integration. This gives an amazing browsing experience across different kinds of devices to the customers.

Easy management of multiple storefronts with just a single back-end:

Magento is the platform that gives its users the ease and abilities to manage multiple storefronts with just a single back-end. Magento users can run multiple e-stores through a single back-end system, even when the different stores have different designs, features, and functions.

Helps to build SEO-friendly websites:

Magento sites are easy to customise as per the optimisation requirements. Users can easily alter the meta-tags, descriptions, URLs, content, categories, keywords, and other such features. The platform also comes with HTML and Google sitemaps that again makes crawling simpler for the Google bots. All these also help to place the Magento stores on the top ranks of the SERPs.

It is scalable and flexible:

Stats reports reveal that the most top-ranking eCommerce sites are designed with this platform. And one of the reasons is its high scalability and flexibility. The Magento sites can seamlessly get adapted to the newer extensions and customised features. Also, there are many companies that chose Magento as their content management system that is CMS platform.

Single-step checkout system:

A single-step checkout system – this is what most of the customers love about an eCommerce shop when they proceed to buy. And this is what Magento ensures. With this feature of the platform, customers can get done with all the transaction and payment processes and details within just a single page. This saves time as well. And this is again another reason to go with Magento when you are creating an online store.

Multi Language configuration:

The easy customisation of the menu in Magento allows easy adaption to different languages. This allows users to organise and launch campaigns nationally as well as in the global market. Magento eCommerce reviews have shown that users find it the most suitable platform because of its outstanding configuration settings.

Large Magento community support:

Magento has the support of a large community of expert bloggers, developers, project managers, programmers, etc., all over the world. Whenever and wherever the developers face any problems during the development process, he or she gets help from this massive community with detailed and right solutions and guidelines to fix the issues.

So, these are the reasons that have made this platform a top choice for developers as well as eCommerce business owners. In simple words, Magento, with its features, and extensions, proves to be the best eCommerce platform till now.