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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021

Social media marketing is becoming a necessary marketing strategy for more companies during this digital era. Since the social media landscape keeps changing rapidly, it’s vital to regularly review your social media strategy to achieve the foremost out of them.

As social platforms introduce new features and alter their algorithms, social media trends likewise undergo an evolution. Social media has proven itself to be a valuable channel for marketers to achieve and convert customers.

With studies showing that 75% of individuals don’t accept advertisements as truth, there’s plenty to be said for a relationship marketing approach to putting together trust along with your social media audience.

Most notably, eCommerce sales went through the roof, people spent lots longer on social media, and video conferencing became the norm. This has led to a significant shift within the way brands connect with their consumers.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have rapidly evolved and shifted their focus to satisfy users’ rising demand during the pandemic. Social media is that the go-to place for 57% of shoppers to be told about new brand offerings.

Here are the highest social media marketing trends you would like to grasp in 2021!

  • Live streaming is going to be trending

On Facebook, live viewings spiked by 50% during lockdown periods, while viewings on Instagram surged 70%. Amazon Live really got going during the pandemic. Influencers took to the platform to market their favorite products during live events. you may use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to measure stream events, tutorials, and Q&A style of content marketing to stay your followers engaged along with your brand.

Video has long been a good format of social media marketing. In 2021, people averagely watch as long as 2.5 hours of online video daily. Video marketing has been utilized by 86% of companies round the world already. This trend will still grow, as 69% of the remaining non-video marketers arrange to start video marketing in 2021.

Though there’s many fun and fancy features rolling out for marketing on Instagram, the trend is clearly moving towards video-especially short-form video. Instagram Reels is 15 or 30 seconds long and that i wish to think about them as stories on steroid.

  • Facebook Advertising Success Is Tied to the Customer Lifecycle

As the online marketplace continues to become more saturated and Facebook advertising costs still rise, returning to the foundational aspects of running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are going to be critical to success. Review the records of your past customers to urge a solid sense of how leads join your list, the length of your time between someone joining your list and becoming a paying customer, and the way much your average customer spends with you.

  • Chatbots in your social media marketing strategy

Social media is employed by brands as a retail platform, a product discovery channel, and for customer support. A fantastic number of brands have started using chatbots to come up with more personal engagement with users and automate customer support. Chatbots are the equivalent of a sensible assistant who humanely communicates with the customer. This chatbot can progressively begin to grasp your customers, their preferences and supply products they’re fascinated by.

  • Conversational marketing on LinkedIn

In 2021, marketers will must embrace these new features and content formats while acting from home. A crucial social media trend observed on LinkedIn is that the ability to master conversational content. This ranges from creating polls for the network to vote on, asking open-ended questions on updates and trends, and celebrating career milestones. An important element of LinkedIn prospecting is to customize the connecting request for the recipient to create them feel valued

Bottom Line

Social media is an essential part of any business marketing strategy. Social platforms help to connect with your customers, it helps to increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.

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