How To Start a Web Design Sites Business

We are going to talk about the exact step by step that you need to take to start your web design sites business and to another business time. 

fortunate enough to be able to support myself and build a multiple six-figure business as a designer I want to share with you the exact steps you need to take if you were thinking about starting a web design sites business now I kind of learned this along the way. 

but I think this is actually much simpler if I knew how to think about this from a business perspective and I’d like to share some of those insights with you basically it comes down to answering three questions I’m those questions are not really simple but it’s really easy to get started. 

Somehow so let’s cover those 3 questions and then talk about how you can get started yourself the questions that you need to answer now  

  1. How are you going to get clients?
  2. What are you going to charge those clients?
  3. How are you going to deliver the website to them that is it if you figure that one out?

if you have a good answer to those 3 questions you are about to become a successful web designer so let’s cover basically the basics of each one of them. 

How are you going to get clients

Basically i just want to say to begin with from a business perspective, three ways can affect your business and those are business processes

  1. process of acquiring customers 
  2. process is the process of sale how are you going to you know convert to them and close the deal  
  3. process of delivering the value 

So if you’re thinking about this from a business perspective those are the processes that every business no matter what the business is needs and you’re just going to think about this from a web designer perspective

So let’s talk about the first one how to get clients obviously there are a lot of ways to get clients I’ll just throw in few of them right so you can create content such as YouTube or writing blog you can reach out to people in LinkedIn or something like that you can build yourself a network and be discoverable on platform such as dribble or even platforms like up work or fiber or something like that.

So there are infinite ways to finding clients you can go into networking event obviously I’m not going to cover all of them now all of them are valid and I think that from each of them you can build a successful business, different people have different

Strengths and you need to understand where your strengths lie in order to understand which one of those as they call them user

Acquisition channels if they speaking again in kind of a business lingo you need to understand what really works for you now

The truth is you’re not going to know originally you’re not going to know what’s going to work for you we’re where you are more comfortable reaching out to people and connecting with people and then building yourself as a brand you’re not going to know so the truth is you’re going to have to experiment with few of them to understand what really works for you again there is infinite number of them

So you’re just going to have to start see if that works keep and double down on it if it doesn’t work try something else so I would get started by sitting down after you’re watching this video and just sitting down and saying how can i get clients just write out some ideas again maybe those ideas suck maybe those ideas are impractical

What are you going to charge those clients?

But you just need to give them a try and see what works and what doesn’t work let’s move into the second question which is how much are you going to charge them which is something that a lot of designers struggle with or feel you know not confident about charging a lot of money

Where I bring this number from so again when it comes down to pricing there are multiple strategies and again each one of them can work for you depending on what’s comfortable for you depending on how you sell

So let me give you a few example the one which is would say most talked about now on general is the value pricing and it’s also something that practice myself which is basically trying to figure out what is the worth of the of solving the problem for your client and based on that charge so it’s not related to how many hours you’re working 

It’s basically worth on the value that they have in their head or kind of like what’s their alternative what are the if they’re not going to work with you what is it going to cost them this is usually a way that you can charge more than if you are charging by the hour but that’s just one technique another one as we said is charging by the hour that’s making the decision that i charge $50 an hour 

I’m just going to tell them this website is going to take a hundred hours to build an estimate so this is the cost of the website that’s another example a third option might be fixed pricing so you might say something like alright for a one-page I’m going to charge $5,000 for a three-page website I’m going to charge $10,000 and for you know a comprehensive 20 page website

I’m going to charge $30,000 so kind of like Amazon type or maybe even five-hour type of I have boxes I have packages and you can buy a fixed package you know upfront how much it’s going to cost I know up front what I’m promising you and what’s guaranteed within the package so those are few techniques for pricing

There are more and you can research that i would sit down after you watch this video after you make the list where do you think you’re going to come up with client you can do a little bit research you can watch a little bit more videos or read a little bit about pricing but the most Important thing is to pick one right now and choose along the along the process of starting your web your business as a web designer 

You’re going to iterate everything is going to change your way of getting clients is going to change your way of pricing is going to change and the way that you deliver website everything is going to change as you grow as you evolve your business so I think it really doesn’t matter I don’t think that you should you know stick to it I definitely started 

You know charging by the hour charging not enough but it was okay it was a starting point I think the most important thing is for you to get started to do something instead of sitting yourself and thinking is this right what should I do you know what’s called analysis paralysis 

Just about its learned more and just never make a decision to may never make the next step forward what’s important is for you to get started for you to really work with clients for you to really deliver a website and kind of get the friction and be in the market and see that you really love doing it obviously 

it’s okay if you don’t start with the right solution so again do a little bit of research but not too much make a decision about how you’re going to price and be confident about it at the first step I mean it might not be a long-term decision 

that this is your pricing but when you’re going to be approaching and talking with clients you need to be confident about the process that you will be applying when they’ll ask you how much does your service cost how much does it cost to build a website 

you need to be confident about what you’re answering them again you might change that decision later on but right now make it a student be comfortable about it for your next conversation with your client 

How are you going to deliver the website to them that is it if you figure that one out?

And the third process that you need to develop or at least the question that you need to answer right now is how am i going to develop or build or design the website for them right you need to have some kind of a process so for me personally the process looks something like that i always get started by doing a strategy session with them to understand their goals their understand who they are and what they need and what’s the real problem that they’re trying to solve with this website 

Then i move on into kind of the wire framing content development phase then I’m going into the design phase and then I’m going into development i personally use web flow to develop websites and then I deliver the website to them and fun kind of make a decision about how to support them later on so this is basically my process again just like pricing 

Just like getting customers a lot of different people have different processes and it’s okay if we all had the same answer to those three questions every business would be the same and that’s just not how the world works basically every business have a unique answer to each one of those three questions so some people obviously some people do a questionnaire instead of a strategy session 

Some people build with word presents that are well flow so everybody has a different process to how they’re going to deliver the service the product the product that they are selling so you need to decide before you go in and do that sit down right on the piece of paper 

How are you going to do this what are the step by step process that you’re going to use to develop website or to design the websites for your clients again don’t take this too seriously you can always change this you’ll always iterate and improve this process later on but have something have something that when you’ll be talking to potential clients 

You will be able to confidentially say yes this is the process that I’m going to take and of course if you’re going to get a rejection for a mere client on your pricing or on your process you might want to iterate or you want to let take a feedback or decide maybe this client is not a good fit for me or maybe the process is not a good fit for you so you’ll be thinking about this but right now 

Sit down with a piece of paper and make a decision about what your process for delivering the website is going to be you’ve done that now you’re ready to get started right you know where you’re going to go look for clients you know however much you’re going to charge them and you know how you’ll deliver it so it’s just going on and executed you