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The Concise Guide To Instagram Ad Size Dimensions For A Better Impact

Have you experienced the most annoying thing- getting your pictures cropped?

The Instagram community is quite concerned about the type of content, and how content appears on users’ profiles. In case, you merely think about stuff that seems to violate policies, then you need to explore more.

Your concern must include points like:-

  • What’s the best way to set up horizontal pictures in the story section?
  • How do images get optimized?
  • Why do my pictures lose their quality?

And, so on.

Our post entirely focuses on educating users about the correct approach to leveraging the benefits of this platform, and that’s by choosing perfect dimensions. Given tips & strategies will work both for individuals and businesses.

What Does Instagram Dimension Mean?

Making it go simple, Instagram dimension consists of two main elements, which are aspect ratio and size. Under this, the aspect ratio denotes the width-height of videos/photos. For example- 1:1 is an ideal aspect ratios on square photos. Whereas, aspect ratio on vertical photos comes as 4:5.

Going back to the size, it contemplates the number of pixels. In general terms, pixels are also termed as resolution. In plain words, Dimensions are aspect ratio and size are pixels. Keeping these standards in mind, anyone can create outstanding posts for.

Skipping even a minor item will result in cropping down your posts or fading the quality. Now, let’s put worries at ease and learn briefly about dimensions.

Image Size For Instagram Stories

Did you know? Instagram stories grabbed a surprising audience base of nearly 250 million active daily users in the first year itself. People are insane for stories because they can share content in the blink of an eye without stressing about refining, photo editing, adding filters, hashtags that they use to pay heed while posting in the feed. With stories, you ought to care about a simple part- the size of images or videos, that’s it.

1080×1920 is the best story dimension, and the aspect ratio is 9:16. It says that a high-quality post embraces 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height. If not, then Instagram keeps the final right to crop your story posts.

Images Size Instagram Posts

A regular Instagram user knows that Instagram compresses posts at all events. Remember that when you upload a photo of 1080×1080 pixels, Instagram will proceed to compress and will bring the post to 600×600.

Whatever Instagram does, it doesn’t necessarily mean that users will prefer the highest size. Doing so might affect the overall post quality in a negative form. All you need to do is, follow the recommended dimension, and let Instagram do the rest.

Check out recommended dimensions:-

Square photos- 1080×1080 pixels (Instagram will make it less, thus be prepared for that). The aspect ratio is suggested as 1:1 for this section.

Horizontal photos – Here also, the same dimension- 1080×1080 works as best. Instagram says that 1.91:1 is all set for horizontal posts while 16:9 seemed as OKAY if used.

Vertical photos- On the bright side, users can repost vertical Instagram story posts in the feed-in case they feel that the content is worth staying alive for more than a day. (24 hours).

Does Instagram Indeed Attacks On Photo Quality?

This is probably the biggest confusion among Instagram users. They believe that Instagram lowers the original quality of images. Now, revealing the fact- When you comply with the entire rules of Instagram ad size and don’t upload pictures more than 1080 pixels (width), none of your photos will get blurred.

Also, there are the finest tools such as squash, using which one can compress photos before uploading. In this way, the photo becomes fully compatible with the recommended resolution of Instagram.

As a final response, we come to the exact point that Instagram has nothing to do with decreasing photo quality.


Keeping all these afore-mentioned dimensions and resolutions in mind, you won’t be facing any issues on Instagram. Always remember, optimized photos (entire content) get better exposure than ordinary photos.