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The Most Efficient Tools For PHP Developers in 2021

Every website owner dreams to have a stunning and fully-functional website nowadays and when it is all about web development, the first choice of both business merchants and developers in PHP. And the key elements that help to make web development better are the tools and the programming language picked. PHP is a feature-rich, open-source, well-documented, flexible, easy-to-understand, and power-packed server-side scripting language that is used by nearly 78.9 percent of the live websites now including some of the popular ones like Wikipedia, Tumblr, Facebook, MailChimp, and more.

But what really makes PHP web development so effortless and can give a competitive edge to the websites? It’s the proper use of the right set of tools. Business owners must be sure that the developers are familiar with the latest tools before choosing to hire dedicated PHP developer for their web projects.

And here’s the list of the top PHP development tools developers must make use of in 2021.

When it comes to building a website, PHP is the most preferred choice of programming language. However, to boost the coding efficiency and make the language work better, various development tools are now introduced for developers. The main purpose of using these tools is to create the perfect PHP IDE for building intuitive, high-performing, flawless, and feature-rich websites and web apps with this language.

There are many tools available for effortless PHP development but to make things simpler for you, the top ones are listed here.

Zend Studio:

Key features of Zend Studio:

Most of the websites are written using PHP 7 now and Zend Studio is the best tool for using PHP 7. The main feature of this tool is its optimal speed. Developers can write and then debug the codes using this tool without spending much time. It integrates XDebug, X-ray, and Zend Debugger to debug the scripts. It is a complete PHP IDE that comes with advanced features that help in deploying the web apps on different servers, including the servers in the cloud. Zend Studio also supports languages like JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, C, and C# and supports platforms like macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.

Code Lobster:

The PHP developers community consider CodeLobster as the best one among all the available PHP development tools. And one of the reasons is that this tool supports almost all the PHP development frameworks including Laravel, CakePHP, Drupal, Joomla, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and more. Another reason for its high usage and popularity is that it comes with auto-complete features and functions for tags for programming languages like Cascading style sheets, JavaScript, Hypertext Markup Language, etc. Developers can also validate the codes using its internal debugger. Apart from these, this web development tool detects the server’s current settings automatically and then configures the files, making it simpler for developers to use the internal debugger.

Sublime Text 3:

Sublime Text 3 is a lightweight tool and supports Linux, Windows, and OS X. It is not exactly an IDE but developers can install a few plugins and make it a suitable PHP development editor. It is a customisable cross-platform editor that comes with a custom toolkit that developers can use as per the requirements.


You can develop large-scale web apps with NetBeans as it supports a wide range of languages including English, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and many more. Apart from this, it supports almost all the PHP frameworks like Symfony 2, CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc. Some of the most highlighted features of it are smart code completion, quick fixes, refactoring, code templates, and efficient project management. Debugging PHP codes is also quite efficient with NetBeans. And it is one of the PHP IDEs that comes with Git support and SSG support.

AWS Cloud:

AWS is a cloud-based IDE and developers can code, execute, and then debug the codes using only the browser. It is a comprehensive tool that has a code editor, a terminal, and a debugger. And the best thing is that you will just need an internet-connected device for using this tool. It supports languages like JavaScript, PHP, C++, HTML, and C and supports platforms like Solaris, Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Apart from these, there are two more that developers should use for PHP development are:

So, these were the most advanced and efficient PHP development tools that developers must use in 2021 for their web projects. Though these are some of the many available in the market, using these can help you to build your PHP projects in the best possible way. And the best thing about these tools is that most of them are open-source in nature and come with great features like easy and quick debugging, simple syntax, etc.

Hope this article was helpful for you.