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Things To Consider While Hiring Offshore Developers?

Getting your dream project or web development project done from an offshore developer looks sceptical first. The pandemic scene has brought a new revolution in offshore development service. If you opt for an offshore development company or offshore developer, your project will deliver at a cost-effective price with no compromise on quality. Having a remote team has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hiring a remote team does not mean they will work on their terms. You have the privilege to manage the team and project the way you want. From planning, creating milestones, tracking the project progress and doing code-reviews, you will control all the phases.

Are you planning to hire offshore developers? Keep these things in mind!

71% of businesses outsource web development projects, including Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Microsoft, and General electric. Moreover, these companies hire dedicated developers offshore and rely on the developer’s remote team for project execution.

The next question is, why to outsource?

In 2019, the global market value of outsourcing reached US$92.5 billion, and these two factors handle its growth.

Outsourcing web development tasks are comparatively less resource-intensive than getting them done in-house. According to a Glassdoor survey, a web development company pays $90,000 per year to a developer. At half price, these companies can get the same expert developers from India.

Get access to readily available talent globally, which saves time, energy and resources by cutting out the entire hiring process.

Steps in hiring an offshore team

  • Define business goals
  • Evaluate the skillset
  • Plan the budget strategically
  • Collect valid information regarding offshore development companies.
  • Choose agile developers over traditional developers.

Challenges faced while hiring offshoring companies

Time zone difference

If offshore developers are located in different time zones, it isn’t easy to sync. The above challenge can be a significant advantage if the developer is an expert or has already worked with your industry. You have a two-way advantage when your in-house team is home: your offshore developers immediately start working on the project, and this how you can get work done faster and efficiently.

Lack of face-to-face communication

Lack of communication is a big barrier between the in-house team and offshore developers. Well, you can easily visit your offshore team from time to time, and video conferencing is the best solution.

Abundant offshore development service providers

Too many offshore development companies in different geographical locations come with benefits and confusion. The real challenge is to choose a trustworthy and right company.

Key considerations while hiring offshore developers and development company
  • Geographical location
  • Company reliability and stability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Industry understanding
  • Human resource and talent management
Best way to interact with your offshore developers


It is one of the best forms of professional communication and works ultimately with time zones. We can keep records through emails, but lengthy conversations are big nay!!


Achieve your goals by setting clear and identifiable rules.


Manage all activities at convenient times. Arrange for meetings, interactive sessions, doubt clearing sessions, and general queries at developers’ suitable time zones.

Long-term or short-term – what is your need while hiring offshore developers

As different models of outsourcing, there are other partnership models in offshoring too. What is your need? Do you have a short-term need for developers for your time-bound project? If yes, then a project-based contract with an offshore vendor is the best choice.

However, if your project is long-term based, then you need to hire a dedicated developer. Here, you can also build your team of dedicated offshore developers.

A dedicated remote team is like its own in-house team without the recruitment process and onboarding hassle. There is a benefit of getting a ready-made team without heavy overheads. You get the authority to retain, monitor and control, and also, you are free from the need to micromanage.

How to find reliable offshore developers?

How can you find or hire dedicated offshore developers? We have listed a few sources which help you find reliable offshore developers.

  • Acquaintance recommendation
  • Social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.
  • Networking on hackathons, seminars and conferences.
  • Tech talent marketplace.

You should also consider these highlighted points before relying entirely on developers.

  • Check the offshore company’s reputation and track record.
  • Make sure you have access to the code
  • Evaluate GitHub account
  • Check the company’s workflow
  • Focus on cost-effective rates instead of low-cost
  • Don’t prefer fixed time payment model
  • Modern project management, tracking, and communication tools
  • Proactive team or developers
  • Project progress frequent reports

Wrapping up –

Define your requirements, expectations, and create a plan of action to meet challenges that can become roadblocks. Hiring a virtual or offshore team has always proven successful, but again every coin has two faces. Just take care of the above aspects, and you are ready with a reliable offshore development team. Focus on smaller and big goals and sort all contract details beforehand. Hire offshore developers or companies that agree to your terms and whose skill matches your requirements. It will help you plan according to your budget. We prefer your offshore team to implement an agile programming methodology. You can track record, quality standards, deployment, proactivity, code, and price models through this. Hire offshore developers from us, and we are ready to discuss our offerings, engagement models, pricing and technologies with you. Get assistance to meet your web and mobile development project journey.