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Things You Need to Create a Winning PR Strategy

Often termed as ‘free advertising’, PR is a process by which one aims to create a good impression and a good image of the company (or an individual) in the minds of the public. It also aims at promoting a brand or company very much like advertising, but without paying any money for it, which is why it is referred to as free advertising. PR also works towards building positive relationships between the brand or company and individuals and groups out there who are influential in shaping perceptions of the market.

If ever there is anything important or newsworthy happening in your business, such as a new product launch or expansion, then that is the time to put your PR strategy into action, and share the news with the public and the community.

An effective Public Relations Agency in Sri Lanka will build and maintain a good relationship with journalists, writers, newspapers and other media organizations and personnel, who will, in turn, keep covering news items regarding that brand or company on a continuing basis, thereby creating a positive brand image within the community.

What are the benefits of having an effective PR Strategy through a reputed Public Relations Agency in Sri Lanka?

  • It enhances a brand or company’s credibility in the market – Compared to advertising, PR can gain more visibility and credibility for your brand or business, because people consider it to be authentic and informative content, unlike the promotional nature of advertising.
  • Helps attract your target market – PR Companies in Sri Lanka have a multitude of media contacts whom they utilize to create and maintain a good brand image, hence an article written and published regarding a brand will have a bigger impact on the community, and will be more attractive than an advertisement, thereby attracting and retaining your ideal target market.
  • Adds value to your brand – PR is able to add value to your brand and business by increasing your visibility, building strong relationships, enhancing your reputation, and promoting any unique selling point that you may have.
  • Lead generation – Lead generation through PR activities can be both short-term and long-term, meaning that even several months after your initial burst, you will still be getting a steady stream of valuable leads.
  • Through effective Public Relations in Sri Lanka the PR Agency can build your brand image, bringing in growth and success for your business.

So, what do you need to create a winning PR strategy for your brand or business?

Firstly, it is very important to partner with a reputed Public Relations Agency in Sri Lanka, who can actually walk the talk, and not just talk the talk. There are so many PR companies in Sri Lanka, but what you need is someone who has a winning track record, and has created a great image for themselves in the market as well.

So, here’s what you should have when looking at a successful PR strategy:

  • Set project goals and a timeline – Planning what you want to achieve through your PR activities is important before you launch into a PR strategy head first! Determine what outcomes, or goals, you wish to achieve through your efforts, and work towards them in a timely manner, setting up incremental deadlines for the PR team to achieve.
  • Discover your target audience – Who are the people or groups that you are aiming to target, who will have the most impact on your brand and image? Knowing outright who you want to target your efforts at is the best way of concentrating your activities on those individuals and groups who will have an interest in your brand and thereby create the biggest impact.
  • Message – What is it that you want to communicate to your target audience? You will need to create key messages which you will use throughout your PR strategy because this will give you a proper direction at which to aim your efforts.
  • Target media – You have your target audience and you have the message that you want to communicate to them, but how do you do it? Through what medium? For this you need to understand and identify the best channels that your target audience will use to get their information from by considering the industry you are in and the specific areas of the media that you need to be pitching to in order to reach the maximum audience, whether your target audience reads it, watches it or listens to it.