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Tips For Making Old Customers Keep Coming Back to Buy Products

Believe that many of you who do business All want to find as many customers as possible To generate sales to grow the business But while we keep trying to find new customers May forget that customers who have already bought Can also create opportunities to come back and buy again So whoever wants to keep old customers Let’s take a look at some ways that can help keep the hearts of existing customers.

Tips for making old customers Keep coming back to buy products

1. satisfaction comes first.

Of course, for the shop. Service attentiveness It is the most important thing for selling online. Whether before or after the sale Although the customer has not yet decided to buy immediately But it is unlikely that it can create an impression. May come back and buy again next day For business owners who are not talking to their customers Should train the team to take care of customers sincerely The matter of products and services should be of the quality as claimed. Because customers have the opportunity to tell their friends or acquaintances. To come and buy with us

2. Adjust sales channels Easy to order

Having a convenient and easy-to-understand ordering channel will also help to buy-sell. Have an increased chance of success This is because most customers need speedy access to products and services, such as having a website or a Sale Page that is a self-service system that allows customers to order by themselves. With a system that calculates the price Inform payment method Inform the name of the order to deliver the product And finish everything Stores just waiting to deliver products It increases convenience for both buyers and sellers and helps the store to close sales quickly. Also, there is no need to hire an admin to answer questions. Or summary as well

3. Organize promotional promotions

Promotion is an important part to help boost sales. For existing customers who are following the store Or come to see promotions from stores that were previously interested There will be more opportunities for ordering In addition to new customers who have never made an order I dare to decide to try and buy during the promotion, it is possible. So shop online Should try to continue to organize promotional activities according to various festivals or important occasions To make the shop look attractive And always moving

4. Update new products regularly.

From the last point that is promoting a promotion To increase sales Another interesting tip Is to update new products On a regular basis To help the storefront look with a variety of products Create endless opportunities for existing customers to come back and buy. The more options available to customers The more you increase your chances of ordering. The more customers like the store as the original capital New product updates Even encouraging old customers to come back to order again

5.Continuous relationship building

Do not ignore the sale after the end. Stores should ask for opinions. And follow up Feedback From customers continuously Impressing customers And remember the store This will help customers come back to buy our products again. Therefore, if a customer needs after-sales consultation Make sure to make the most of this service opportunity. Because this is one way of retaining old customers. It is easier than finding new target. The last part is the sales channel. Whether on the website Or other channels Just don’t forget to include your contact information. To build the credibility of the shop And add more channels for buyer to always follow the news of the shop

Secret of doing business It may not be just finding new buyer. Keeping existing customers Is equally important Therefore, an online store that maintains the quality in all aspects on a regular basis. Therefore has the opportunity to generate more sales Do not forget that old customer It is easier to generate leads to buy than new customers. And they can also help to promote our business. So every shop Do not forget to apply these techniques.

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