Top 10 Blogging Platforms: A Requirements Guide for Writers

To write a guide you need a good writer blogging platforms , a good designer and a good idea. A writer must create high-quality content. The designer needs to know how to present this content attractively. And the idea should be what your audience wants. You may want to present the guide as a downloadable PDF file. This style of post is very different from your typical blog post, mainly because of its tone. You may get used to posting a thorough and exploratory discussion of the topic. Reportages or opinions, on the contrary, maybe stronger and more expressive. The louder your position, the more it will be read and shared.

Since blogging is much more than writing or publishing photos, it is important to find the best platform for your needs. You will want a platform that is easy to use and gives you the customization tools you are looking for to give your audience everything they need to read and interact with your blog. All these popular blog platforms have both positive and negative sides, especially when you consider your level of blogger and programmer skills. The longer you blog, the more skills you will gain, so it is important either to find a platform that meets your needs at the time or to find a platform that allows you to change the type of service you get to better serve your needs and those of your blog audience.

This is the resource of my top writer. With everything from contests and tips to a guide for literary agents – plus useful articles – this site is one of the best reference materials for writers. You can even find links to blogs of editors and event writers, as well as educational resources. Subscribe to their free mailing list and get the motivation you need to achieve your writing goals. If you have a ready-made manuscript, this is the site for you. With their extensive database, you can search agents and publishers by genre and find information on individual manuscript submission requirements. The site also allows you to keep a detailed record of your work and replies received. You can share your experience with the writers’ community, as well as read reports on past requests from other authors. The best part is that you can join it for free.

In this article, we will cover the following blogging platforms, in random order: and



Linked pulse






Square and

There’s more to it than that. WordPress has two tastes: and The main difference between these two platforms is in hosting, i.e. is a fully hosted platform for creating websites, while is a platform for self-service hosting. is one of the simple website builders that offers everything you need to build a website in one place. On the other hand, at you can get the WordPress CMS software, which you need to download and install on your hosting.

(Note about and because you will see both on the Internet: offers the free CMS we are talking about. offers a free WordPress-CMS platform for non-commercial blogs that cannot be customized with plugins or custom themes.


A medium is a place where you can write anything, no matter how crazy, weird or arrogant it is. That’s why a medium should be a place of love. It should be a place where great writers are glorified, and growing writers are helped to grow. Media should be a place where people share their precious work, free from any judgment, hatred or malice.

Becoming a recognized writer is not a sprint. can be your media today, and then you can build your domain in the future. And that’s okay! Building a workspace on Medium will allow you flexibility to change in the future. What’s more, Medium is a community of writers. There are many articles with tips for writing. By spending your time on Medium, you will learn the basics that will serve you for the rest of your life.


What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a microblogging platform for hosting multimedia content, and it is rapidly growing in popularity – the site creates more than 95 million posts daily! A Tumblr account is similar to a traditional blog, but posts are mostly composed of images, videos, gifts or audio files. How does Tumblr differ from Pinterest? The main difference between Tumblr and Pinterest is that Tumblr encourages its users to post original content (photos taken by users, images of their latest book covers, etc.).

If you want to be a writer, write. I know it sounds obvious, but you’d be shocked how often people come to me saying that they want to be a writer when they only wrote one blog post on their Tumblr. The thing is, you don’t know if you love something until you do it under worse circumstances (like writing about Kylie Jenner’s habits in Snapchat during the final week of your allergy attack), and you can’t do it unless you write sequentially.

Linked pulse.

LinkedIn Pulse is a professional self-publishing platform. At first, everyone could write and publish content without any approval. Currently, it consists of 500 selected experts. According to Kapko, LinkedIn Pulse “is somewhere between a blog and a social network. Each week, the authors add about 50,000 articles to the platform.

LinkedIn Pulse is one of the most underutilized facets of LinkedIn. It is a blog platform where anyone can easily write and publish articles. All of your followers are notified when you post an article on LinkedIn Pulse, so make sure you write your best content. Think about which topics may benefit your followers, and only publish after you’re sure it’ll resonate.


As stated in my Wix overview, Wix generates pages using Javascript. Their pages are creepy. But in my professional experience, the Wix site is not as ideal for SEO or social marketing if you have very large content or e-commerce site. If SEO and Social Marketing are not your primary marketing tools or if you manage a smaller (less than 200 pages) site, then this consideration may not be important.

The free version of Wix allows you to create a beautiful website on the subdomain under the brand name Wix. With the free version, you can use almost all the functionality of the Wix website builder. The plan is endless, which allows everyone not only to test the features of the service, but also to create with it several types of sites to practice and improve their skills. Keep in mind, however, that the free plan comes with a system advertising banner, subdomain and some other restrictions.


Blogger is a free blogging platform designed for convenience. Since it belongs to Google, users can link it to various other Google products, such as Picasa photo sharing site and Google+ social network. Using basic blog design options, you can get a new blog and launch it in less than 10 minutes. However, the simplicity of Blogger does not limit what more experienced users can do. The depth of customization allows you to create a unique blog design, while maintaining the ease of use provided by the Blogger backend (the control panel where you design a blog and make posts).

Bloggers are likely to use Medium, thanks to its built-in audience and several subplatforms (i.e. publications). Once a blogger owns Medium, they can expand their audience to WordPress, they can write ghosts on top digital magazines, and they can offer their blogging services to brands around the world. Mix the above and you position yourself as an expert in sending out emails to beginner tennis players. What sounds ridiculous has an audience ready to listen.


The square is a familiar name among most culinary bloggers. It is easy to use and provides a clean design that most people pay attention to. One of the most interesting features of Squarespace is its responsive design for all its templates. It provides a web interface that perfectly scales websites for any screen size. From mobile screens to laptops to desktops, everything seems to be perfect. Yes, Squarespace is easy to use, but that doesn’t make it more intuitive than Tumblr or Cucumbertown. Another thing that may seem to be a disadvantage of Squarespace is that it is not free.

The Squarespace user bar has grown and developers have started selling pieces of third-party code that extend the functionality of the Squarespace sites. They are increasingly being referred to as Squarespace plug-ins – and although not as easy to install as WordPress plug-ins, they are quite easy to use and can add some brilliant features to your site. We have recently made some of these available for sale in our new Squarespace plugin store.


CMS development tools such as WordPress, Joomla, and advanced tools such as Drupal help writers, bloggers, and knowledge distributors compose, edit, and share knowledge through articles and blogs with other community users. The main purpose of most CMS systems is to share information and knowledge with other users. A content management system helps institutions and organizations manage and share content by storing it on a central server accessible to all employees in the organization.

If you need several page templates or content types, Drupal is better equipped to meet your needs. The permissions of Drupal users are also more advanced than WordPress. With Drupal, you can have site administrators, content editors, individual access to private content, and much more. Thus, Drupal can support multiple stakeholders of the site.


Joomla is an open resource CMS platform with ready-made blocks as well as templates to support almost any type of projects. Joomla is the second furthermost used and confirmed CMS in the world, thanks to its informal installation and experience of manipulators. Today Joomla is more than a CMS with a huge user base as well as a developer community. From broadcast sites to enjoyable, like property, to marketing, organizations remember only one CMS – Joomla.

Finally, Joomla is known as the most popular software website, as it includes many features that are quite easy to use on it and extensibility that provides a complete package for web designers to develop websites. Joomla as well as other CMS which is Drupal as they are complete CMS and can be a simple portfolio site. Joomla provides an attractive administration interface, complete with an intuitive drop-down menu and other features. This CMS also has great support in accessing management protocols such as LDAP, OpenID and and Joomla website performs over 3200 extensions.


Answer the questions about Quorum. Quora users ask questions on topics ranging from personal development to Kim Kardashian’s health and favorite color. Other users at Quora answer these questions. Many authors and bloggers use Quora to practice writing articles by answering questions. You can also leave links in your answers to questions at Quora, and many people return traffic to their sites using Quora.

Answer questions about Quora. Quora users ask questions on topics ranging from personal development to Kim Kardashian’s health and favorite color. Other Quora users answer these questions. Many authors and bloggers use Quora to practice writing articles by answering questions. You can also leave links in your answers to questions at Quora, and many people return traffic to their sites using Quora.