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Top 5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Website DA PA Score

Content creators, bloggers, and business persons everyone want their website to rank higher. There are many metrics in SEO that play a vital role in website ranking but Domain Authority is one of the most important metrics.

DA shows the strength as well as the relatability of the site with the subject. Online marketing sites and plenty of SEO have DA metrics integrated into them.

Domain Authority:

A company named MOZ developed a metric for SEO ranking, which we call Domain Authority. It is a kind of score that decides the rank of your site on search engines.

The range of DA score is 1 to 100. If your DA score is high the probability of your site ranking in top positions will also be higher.

This will bring in quality and increased web traffic. Newly established websites require some time to get masterful in their content and SEO to get a high DA score. DA is very helpful to calculate the strength of your site as compared to your competitors.

There is also the term Page Authority that you must have heard but if no, you can have a look at it down below.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority:

Domain authority is the score of your whole site in the arena of search engines. Whereas, page authority means a score of a single page of that website. Each page can have a different score depending upon the content it has.

DA and PA work conjointly. DA is related to the reputation of your website, each page’s score which is page authority adds in the score of Domain authority.

This will ultimately take up your site to the top ranks making it a well-reputed site.

To get a high DA score be updated to the changing terms and conditions of Google because Moz works according to it.

On the other hand, to achieve a high page authority score you need to incorporate internal links and more things like this to your page.

How to improve the DA of your site?

Link diversity, link quality, the number and quality of backlinks, brand search volume, domain age, and social media mentions are sub-elements of Domain authority.

These factors are of great significance to increase DA scores. The percentages of each factor can be seen down below:

(Reference from: https://www.seosiren.com/5-best-techniques-to-increase-domain-authority/)

5 Steps to enhance DA,

1. Quality Content:

Domain Authority demands hard work and a lot of time to do its magic. It is not something that can be copied or plagiarized, you have to do it yourself by creating quality content.

People are always fond of new, unique content that can answer their unanswered questions. The initial score can be increased easily as from 15 to 40 something but a score above 50 calls for time and is pretty difficult.

Quality content is a key to grabbing a great audience and reputation. If your site will be having exclusive content it will be valued at every point and you will be able to see it on top searches.

A good plan or strategy is a sine qua non for producing excellent content. You must have heard “Content is King”, yes it is. The first thing people notice is content available on your site.

People often think that content only includes written text but Gifs, visuals are also part of it. You should make your content impressive by adding pictures, videos, gifs, and infographics. T

he quality of your content cannot be compromised; you have to work on it.

Not only the material matters, but length is also something to be considered. A good length is believed to be 800 or more words, less than this will went unnoticed or flopped.

Remember some tips to create good quality content:

  • Don’t copy someone else’s work, it will ruin your image.
  • Instead of using the same words over and over again, try to use good alternatives for them.
  • Your concept and thought behind should feel professional.
  • Don’t distract the audience by adding irrelevant data. Try to keep your content on the topic.

2. Internal linking:

These are hyperlinks available on your site. These links will help readers reach a target page easily through your website. It improves the user experience and page rank.

This is not like external links because they direct you to the page outside the domain while internal links take you to the page within the domain.

To rank higher in Google or SERPs internal links are very important. Google finds it easy to index, crawl and understand each page of your website.

You can make your recent content or post more interesting and educative by linking to your old posts. The thing to remember while doing this is that don’t link to any post that has nothing to do with the recent.

3. On-Page SEO:

It is a process of optimization of the web-page content, it helps your domain authority score to increase. This is probably the easiest part of SEO. On-Page SEO doesn’t ask for much expertise.

This includes some technical components shown down:

Body tags: Use body tags to highlight the main points. So that they may attract the attention of readers.

Keyword density: Don’t overdo the keywords, their density should be between 0.5% and 1.5%.

Meta description: Don’t neglect the importance of Meta description. Fill it out and it should have the keyword you want readers’ focus on.

Images: Add and optimize images to enhance your SEO.

And so on.

4. Generate backlinks to your site:

Diverse root domain backlinks will help you rank high on SERPs. Generating high-quality backlinks for your site will take great effort and time.

But doing this will give you amazing results. Backlinks are those that a referrer mentions on his site to refer to a page of another site.

Backlinks are considered as votes by Google and other search engines. Hgh number of backlinks means high search engine ranking. Try some tips for better backlinks:

  • Don’t take guest posting useless.
  • Try posting your content on social media platforms.
  • Last but not the least, the content. Create informative, valuable, and unique content.

5. Eliminate bad links:

It is necessary to get rid of any toxic or bad link that is affecting your rank on Google. Visit your link profile if there is any link that can cause harm to your SERPs ranking.

Also, remove all those links that are directed to bad websites. Oh yes, don’t forget to remove broken links. Bad links can become harmful to your Domain Authority.

Checking your Domain Authority:

You can check your domain authority while using DA PA checkers available online. These tools help you know the authority of your site by telling you the backlinks profile, spam score, and DA score, etc.