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Top 5 Magento 2 Extensions You Must Use in 2021

Magento has upgraded itself, it’s time for Magento 2 now. And Magento 2 has come up with a pool of extensions to help in building even more customer-friendly shopping sites. There’s an extension available for almost every e-store feature and functionality now. These new extensions have made Magento a more power-packed and ready-to-use eCommerce platform. All these extensions are designed and introduced in Magento 2 keeping in mind the unique and different requirement of different eCommerce businesses. And developers can install these Magento 2 extensions as per the requirements. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? There are over 3000 extensions available in the Magento marketplace today and here’s the list of the top ones you can find in version 2.

A checklist of the top Magento 2 extensions developers of every Magento development company and every eCommerce business owner needs to know about.

Bingo ElasticSearch:

Is searching for something in your store difficult? With Magento 2’s new extensions, Bingo ElasticSearch, it won’t be difficult anymore. This extension helps to display the search results instantly. It also provides a complete search field in your store that is wide enough to understand and differentiate between singular and plural words. Bingo ElasticSearch is one of the most awaited extensions in Magento and finally came up with Magento 2.

One-step checkout extension:

The name of this extension is enough to make you understand what it is designed and introduced for. Yes, this is the extension that has made the checkout process simpler and faster than before. With the integration of this new Magento 2 extension, customers can checkout completing all formalities within a single page now. The stores that have already integrated this extension have been enjoying zero abandoned carts since its installation after migrating to Magento 2. Customers won’t have to follow that old, long, and frustrating checkout system anymore.

Layered navigation extension:

Layered navigation extends and amplifies the navigation features of a Magento 2 powered e-store. It is designed to cater to the online stores with a pool of product and product categories to enable easier and faster navigation within the stores. When customers browse heavy stores, navigation gets slower, which negatively affects the user experience. This extension has come to the rescue so get it integrated with the new version of the platform. With this, customers won’t have to face any kind of confusion and difficulty while navigating your store.

Two-factor authentication:

You must have understood by now that almost every eCommerce store brings with it huge traffic. But this traffic may prove to be good or may not be for your store. With such huge traffic, many threats also get into the system and this is where the two-factor authentication extension comes into action. This extension helps to streamline the entire shopping process right from selecting to buying and checkout by giving an additional authentication procedure to the site visitors. This again helps to eradicate the hackers and all fake IDs from entering or intercepting the payments pages at the end, thereby making the payment or transaction procedures completely safe and secure.

Auto-select shipping payment method:

An extension to let the customers who are in a hurry to just shop for whatever they want and run. Once the customers have auto-selected their preferred shipping method, this extension helps to skip the unnecessary pages that come on the way and more straight to the payment confirmation page.

All these extensions along with the rest of the extensions help in extending and enhancing the features of a Magento eCommerce store apart from adding value to the site. Adding value to an e-store again helps in promoting sales and in developing something every online shopper would love to browse repeatedly. These above-listed Magento 2 extensions also increase customer engagement and increase sales and productivity of the online stores. Make sure to install and integrate these if you need a power-packed, and customer-friendly online shop for your business.