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Top 5 Noise Cancelling App to Cancel Unwanted Background Noise During a Call

With the help of this technology we can do multitasking where on one side you can do your work and another side you can communicate with your family and friends.

But, everything cannot be perfect, everything has its pros and cons and this is also having its very terrible drawbacks. We are often dealing with it every day i.e background noise.

Noise can negatively affect the quality of your call and make it difficult to hear and understand. If you are a remote worker then it’s not a new thing to know about background noise while making video calls or audio calls. That’s why I have mentioned some of the top 5 noise-canceling apples and awesome game changer software which will take away your unwanted noise and reduce it and you can surely enjoy your call without any troubles.

Top 5 Noise Cancelling Apps:

DSP Soundware:



Solicall Pro


1. DSP Soundware:

Have you ever heard about this software? DSP Soundware is the best choice you can ever choose for noise cancellation. DSP is generally an active noise canceling app which is used for Windows. It’s a special noise cancellation algorithm. It helps in Improving listening experience while wearing a headphone.

DSP Soundware’s adaptive noise cancellation is very powerful as it works, if you are in an extremely noisy Atmosphere then the only thing you have passive noise-canceling headphones.

Its features include Noise reduction, compensation of microphone and speakers. It also improves the quality of voice. You can use it for listening to music in your headphones as well.

DSP Soundware can be very helpful if you are a remote worker.


This is another app used for noise cancellation. This is a quite simple app to remove unwanted noise. It is intended for use with VOIPs such as Skype. It will cancel the background noise and improve the quality of the call so that you can enjoy talking to your loved ones.

Noise gate analysis the audio level in real-time, and it makes sure it doesn’t go above the threshold which is specified in the app.

Here some most important features that are packed in this app:

  • Noise Gator is a lightweight app.
  • This app completely cuts out the background noise while you’re talking to others on Skype.
  • Audio level is cut when it is below the threshold. The gate will be automatically closed.
  • It routes the through Input and Output method.
  • It acts as a sound noise gate for sound input such as a microphone or sound output as speakers.
  • To use this app on windows, you need to have Java 7 or higher.

3. Krisp

This is a top-ranking app for noise cancelling. This app can remove all your background noises during your calls. It is an all-rounder app for cancelling background noises, it doesn’t require which telecommunication app you are using. You don’t have to mute yourself again and again during the online meeting because of irritating background noise.

You can say goodbye to the cats and dogs shouting outside with the help of this app you can surely concentrate on your work without any drama. This application is for the iOS version, the Android version will be released soon. Krisp uses the AI method to filter the noise and release clear audio at the time of your meeting. It is a cross-platform application. It works on any device.

This application Pro plan is suitable for professionals who work occasionally and want to enjoy full freedom without any kind of problem.

So if you want an all-rounder app then it the top choice in noise-canceling apps.

4. Solicall Pro:

Solicall Pro is one of the best noise Cancelling app that improves the audio quality when making a call. It’s a special app for Windows designed for phone calls. It has 2 noise reduction technologies:

  • Profile based
  • Reference-based

In the case of profile-based, the background noise is attenuated focusing on the voice of the speaker. Then it separates them from the voice of the audio signal.

In the case of Reference based, it removes the background along with the human voices. Whenever you make a call, the background noise will not be audible.

Solicall Pro works with commercial softphones and audio formats. It is specially used for call centers where incoming and outgoing calls won’t let nearby. Users can make calls or receive calls without any actual telephone set. It supports Windows 7, 8,8.1, 10. Users can get a 3-day-evaluation period.

Here are some features of Solicall Pro:

  • Improved quality of conferencing
  • Noise reduction on both sides
  • Echo cancellation
  • Echo suppression
  • Monitoring Call Quality
  • Secure call from various ambient noises

If you are looking for noise reduction at a company level then Solicall must be your first choice.

5. Zoom:

Zoom is one of the best noise-canceling app used for removing background noises. Zoom can become your handy app for noise cancellation. Zoom blog uses superior technology to detect background noise during a conference call or with team-mates. This app also helps to share any files or documents with your team-mates.

Some features of zoom as follows:

  • Automatic suppression of volume speakers.
  • Recognizes background noises.
  • No keyboard background noise.
  • Cancel noise during a call.

This app only works with iOS, Android, and Desktop devices.


Coming to the conclusion part, you might have read all the above and you can notice that the Krisp app will be the best app for reducing noise during a call. Whether you are in a public place like a cafe, kids around, or in a traffic place, you will be very pleased to have this app for business calls with your team-mates.