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Top 5 Web Development Courses For Beginners And Programmers

A business person or any web developer always focuses on developing a good and perfect website for the visitors. The web development process includes technical and non-technical processes like the look and feel of the website as UI. Sometimes, a web developer might also develop applications for customers. For all of these, the developer needs to learn and read development courses that help in improving knowledge regarding various languages like CSS and HTML, etc. Thousands of peoples are providing knowledge using online platforms. Nowadays, online courses have become more easily accessible and readable as compared to offline. Here is the list of the 7 best web development courses for beginners and programmers that help you to learn web development and essential technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks.

5 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners and Programmers

1. Code Academy

Code Academy is one of the best development courses and tutorials for beginners. For a beginner, it offers fundamental structures of the front end and backend languages like CSS, HTML and Ruby, Python. You can masters the tools used for front-end development and use server-side libraries. Learn front end and back end development while communicating with other developers. Get a certificate after you complete the courses.

2. Udemy – Web Developer Bootcamp

Web developer Bootcamp courses give you the chance to learn Node, JS, CSS, and a lot more. It is one of the efficient courses for beginners. In this, you will learn more about making web applications using various technologies. It also gives the chance to learn blog application development using Express and Mongo DB. This course will cost you around 13 euros. It is value for money. It is designed in boot camp style and run by the instructor. You will get the theory, sessions, demos, and research assignments for work that helps you to learn web development from scratch.

3. Treehouse – JavaScript

Treehouse JavaScript courses let you know about JavaScript programming and its uses. It is the best course for beginners to learn and grab JavaScript programming. It also tells about the basic syntax of the language and concepts like data types, variables, and conditional statements. It gives the opportunity to learn the start of JavaScript as full-stack JavaScript and front end development courses.

4. Advanced Web developer Bootcamp

Advanced web developer boot camp will teach you advanced web dev technologies like React 16, Testing, CSS Flexbox, and Ajax, etc. This web development course helps you to work on real-life projects and web applications using cutting edge technologies. You can create more than 9 projects and face lots of code challenges along with solutions. It is an important course for web developers and programmers who have already learned the basic HTML, CSS, and JS and want to explore more advanced versions to make your career more successful.

5. Zero to Mastery Complete Web Developer

Zero to Mastery course gives you the chance to learn code as well as to become a web developer in 2021. It is one of the best skill improving courses for job searchers like web developer, software developer, front end developer, JS developer, and Full-stack. It allows you to learn and expert languages like HTML, JS, CSS, Node JS and React, etc. You will get project-based learning and more than 10 real-world web development projects to work on. It will enhance your knowledge as well as your experience. This course is most up to date with ES6 and 7 languages.


These are some of the best online web development courses in depth. I have suggested to you the best ones that will increase your web dev experience and skills. Choose the right course as per your requirements and grab the opportunity to become a web developer.