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Top 7 PHP Development Trends Developers Need to Watch Out in 2021

Today, PHP is the most commonly used server-side scripting language for web development. It covers over 79 per cent of the active websites on the web due to its clarity and simplicity. PHP language can also be embedded in HTML for building varied websites and web apps.

This language comes with numerous powerful features and benefits for the developers to build robust websites or web apps as per the business requirements. Some of the added benefits of this scripting language are that it is open-source in nature, offers database flexible and scalable, and affordable option, it is easy to maintain and learn, supports various frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, and a few more, has got huge community support, and has detailed documentation.

Powering some of the most popular websites like Tumblr, Wikipedia, Facebook, MailChimp, and more, PHP stands out to be the most favoured programming language for developers. However, there are some web development trends every PHP developer needs to get familiar with in 2021 for the more effective and competitive development of the websites.

And the top PHP development trends in 2021 are discussed here.

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs:

When it is all about rendering blazing-fast native application experience to your users, PWAs or Progressive Web Apps can be considered as the finest option. There are many popular brands and businesses that have already switched to PWAs and have also observed a significant increase in the conversion rate and engagement level. Some of the impressive features of PWAs are responsiveness, high security, extremely fast speed, ability to work offline, and more.

Push Notifications for websites:

Gone are those days when push notifications were sent only in mobile application development to increase customer engagement. Now, almost every web app or website is making use of this trend and feature for notifying the users or customers about the brand offers, promotions, new arrivals, and more about the products and services. Push notifications have turned out to be a trending feature that needs to be implemented for better accessibility, and usability of the websites or web apps as well.

AR & VR that is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

If there is something that can make the search option better, it is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality that is AR & VR. These game-changing trends and technologies have made their way into the web development market as well now. And due to the immense growth of the web, some of the leading businesses like Google, Microsoft, and YouTube have taken full advantage of AR & VR to give the customer a complete view of their images, and videos.

Headless development:

This is one of the top PHP web development trends in 2021. It is the software program structure, which runs without the front-end. Popularly known as the serverless strategy or API-first solution, this architecture also helps in decoupling the back-end from the front-end. This helps to boost the underperforming locations of the websites and web apps with better and customised development.

IoT or Internet of Things:

IoT technology is growing in demand at a remarkable pace. According to a recent survey, it is found that IoT gadgets have already reached nearly 9.5 billion in the current market. And as PHP is a dynamic scripting language, it is a good option to work with IoT. Moreover, PHP-based frameworks offer this technology or trend with some of the robust tools to create highly effective solutions.

Extreme Cloud Integration:

With the huge demand and appeal of cloud technology, more and more PHP websites are now integrated with this trend. It is one of the most amazing PHP development trends developers must know about and implement in their current projects to stay ahead.

UI trends:

Undoubtedly, the UI is the key component for the success of a website or web app. With a poorly designed UI, you may lose a large number of customers. PHP languages offer programmers a wide range of tools and frameworks that help in building user-friendly and responsive user interfaces for web apps and websites, making them look innovative and interactive. And a striking UI boosts customer experience and offers an enhanced customer engagement.

However, using these trends as per your project requirements is important. And, to implement these trends in your project, you will have to gather more information about these and if required, have to take help and support from the developers’ community.