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Top 7 Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction 2021

Web scraping tools are the set of software developed to extract useful and important information from any website. These tools are useful for the one who is looking for collecting some important data from the internet or websites. Nowadays, web scraping is also known as the extraction of data from the website or collecting information in an exported format. It can be done manually using automated tools and less costly.

Automated web scrapers work in a complex way and one of the best techniques to retrieve and extract data from various useful sources. It can be structured or unstructured data that will be migrated into the warehouse.

First, the web scraper will be given one or more URLs to load before scraping. The scraper then loads the entire HTML code for the page in question. More advanced scrapers will render the entire website, including CSS and Javascript elements.

Most web scrapers will output data to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet, while more advanced scrapers will support other formats such as JSON which can be used for an API.

Here are some best web scraping tools for data extraction:

1. OutWit Hub

It is one of the best web scraping and data extraction tools in the market that collects relevant data from online sources. The outwit hub divides web pages into separate elements and extracts relevant data. It extracts data tables, emails, links, and images, etc.

2. Import.io

It is a web-based tool that is used to extract a large amount of data from the website. The best way to use these tools is that we don’t need to write code for retrieving data. This tool is best suited for eCommerce, sales and marketing, risk management. It helps companies to achieve great success for smart data collection along with visualization and reporting.

3. Web Scraper

A web scraper is a point-on-click extraction tool that makes web extraction easy and accessible. This tool extracts data from every website including features like multi-level navigation, JavaScript, and infinite scrolling. It allows the cloud web scraper to extracts information from API and webhooks.

4. Octoparse

This extraction follows three steps like pointing, clicking, and extracting. We just have to enter the URL of the website and scrap extract information. It allows website scraping using automate IP rotation to prevent IP blocking. It offers advanced features like a cloud platform and a scraping scheduler.

5. Mail Parser

It is an advanced email parser that extracts email data. It is different from web scraping instead of extracting data from HTML websites or pull information from emails. It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that requires coding.

6. DocParser

It is an important data extraction tool that extracts data from business documents. It has a custom parsing engine that supports numerous use cases. It extracts information from business documents and moves it to the desired location. It eliminates manual data entry and streamlines the business as workflow automation.

7. Parsehub

It is the popular web scraping tool that is used to extract information in few clicks. It scrapes complex websites using JavaScript and Ajax. It uses infinite scrolling to restrict content with logins. You can download the extracted data in JSON, Excel format.

These are seven top information extraction tools that should be on your checklist if you work with Big Data or are aspiring to build a career in this field. The biggest advantage of using Data Extraction tools is that they eliminate the manual factor from the equation, thereby saving both time and money.

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