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Top 9 Advantages of ASP.NET Web Development for your Business

ASP.NET, a Microsoft framework, is a cross platform, open source technology used for web and mobile app development. Initially, developers used ASP.NET to create dynamic web pages. However, with time, .NET grew to become a bundle of platforms. You can leverage all three application models, i.e., WPF, Windows Forms, and Net Forms, in one frame. It is now known as the .Net 5 development platform.

Using it, the ASP.NET development company can help you with web and mobile apps for different OS platforms. You can build strong enterprise based solutions. Just like these, .NET has many other advantages. Here are a few you can look upto.

1. Object Oriented Programming

.Net framework uses the object oriented programming model. The standard divides the application into smaller pieces and makes it easy to manage. It is advantageous for developers. They can work on modules individually instead of developing the entire application together. After creating all the modules, they can combine them to build an entire application.

2. Caching System

Server-side technologies take multiple round trips to load the data. Thus, to curb it, .NET came up with the caching system. With this feature, it now stores the data in a temporary place. Next time a user requests the related data, it can instantly show the result without making a server request. .NET also allows customized cache implementation to help developers improve performance.

3. Visual Studio

A visual Studio is a development tool for building, debugging, testing, and publishing .Net applications. It provides developers with a WYSIWYG editor, drag and drop server controls, automatic deployment, support, and more.

The tool helps the ASP.NET development company to manage the development process without any fuss.

4. Cross-Platform

Initially, ASP.Net was a closed loop ecosystem that worked well with Microsoft products and platforms. In 2014, it became a cross-platform application. Since then, developers can use .NET to develop applications for different platforms. The open-source feature allows the team to work with it as they want. Also, language is not a barrier. It works fine with various programming languages.

5. Flexible Deployment and Easy Maintenance

The modular structure and development tool simplifies the developers’ work. Instead of executing scripts to find which module has a bug, developers can run the application. All the properly working modules would run. The modules having errors would show up on its own. It means developers can also deploy the properly working modules instead of waiting for the one that has a bug.

6. Universal Standard

ASP.NET has its own set of libraries that ensures developers won’t have to redevelop an application for any platform. The library consists of different functions based on the platforms and renders it automatically.

7. Large Community

ASP.NET has a large community of developers from small, mid to enterprise based companies. As it is an open source platform, developers can easily avail the libraries, runtime, and compilers on GitHub. Infact, in the 2019 Stack Overflow Survey, ASP.NET occupied fourth place in the list of popular web development frameworks.

8. Automatic Monitoring

The advantage of using .NET is that your development team doesn’t need to monitor the coding at every stage. .NET automatically notifies if there is a typo in the code or an infinite loop pops up. It also reports errors or memory leakages, if any.

9. Power Compilers

No technology can beat .NET when it comes to compilation. They use two compilers, Roslyn and RyuJIT, which makes it easy to read the compilation data at every stage.

Besides, .NET also allows easy upgradation of the projects in the latest versions. It means developers don’t need to go through a fuss to update the project.

What’s More?

Microsoft provides huge active support. Besides, it keeps bringing in new advancements and improvements in the features. The transition to the cloud and better performance make .Net a one stop solution for all the development needs.

So if you’re planning to go for it, there’s no better time than now to collaborate with a dot net development company.