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Top iOS App Development Companies Working Analysis

With the market capital of Apple going up, the demand for iOS app development companies is increasing daily. Unlike Android apps that run across any android mobile, the apps used in apple products are different. They require another method of development that is known as iOS app development.

iOS app development is the process of making applications for Apple’s hardware that includes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The main difference between iOS and Android development is that iOS app development is mainly done in swift and C language and then released in the apple app store from where users can download it.

Language Used by iOS App Development Companies

1. Objective C: this language was developed in the 1980s and is mainly derived from the C language. It was the official language for iOS development for many years. It is an objected oriented programming language that is based on passing messages to various processes.

2. Swift: the swift is the new official programming language of iOS. It has many similarities with objective C, but its advantages are its high-security measures compared to its predecessor. Another benefit of swift is that it is quick, simple, and easy to learn even for new programmers, thus making it the official choice of apple.

Advantage & Disadvantage of iOS App Development

Advantages of iOS App

1. Intuitive UI/UX: To enhance the user experience, Apple developed a detailed guide for developers, which allows the developers to deliver products with high customer satisfaction. The balance between the hardware and software is very robust, and lifetime maintenance is followed for every app, thus enhancing the performance to a great extent.

2. Performance: iOS is a closed platform and is restricted by Apple for its products only. This helps them to give more security advancements and assist the platform is becoming more stable and flawless.

3. Integration: android has thousands of devices working in it, and the parameters need to be slightly modified while going from one device to other. Now coming to Apple, there are hardly 20 products using this, and as a result, fragmentation while going from one device to another decrease leading to enhancing performance and stability.

Disadvantages of iOS App

1. Customization: security and privacy is the primary concern of apple. This feature helps people trust the safety of apple devices, but it also comes with collateral damage. Due to the lack of flexibility, customizing an app becomes a callous and rigid process. Every iPhone application development company needs to follow specific guidelines. Even if they want to customize something, they will have to do it, keeping in mind the frameworks and the access limitations due to high security.

2. Releasing an app: making an iOS app may not be a big issue, thanks t the user-friendliness of swift, but releasing it in the apple store is undoubtedly a big thing. Apple has many safety and community guidelines that need to be followed while releasing an app. Even if there are slight bad reviews during the review period, they will straightaway get rejected.

Challenges Faced by iOS App Development Companies

Developing an iOS app based on swift language may not seem a big task at first, but many things need to be kept in mind while doing so, making the process a little complicated.

1. Storage issue: one of the significant disadvantages of iOS devices is that it lags trash assortment function. As a result, managing the memory of the app becomes a significant issue for iOS developers. Also, an app runs across various devices, each having different compatibility.

2. Battery optimization: battery discharge is a common problem among iOS users. Users tend to uninstall apps if it uses too much battery. So, the iOS app development company needs to keep in mind that the application uses the least battery.

3. Device compatibility: Apple has released 12 versions of the iPhone alone, and all of them have some significant updates. As an iOS developer, you need to be constantly aware of all the happenings in the industry and develop your applications according to that to run on most devices.


iOS app development is undoubtedly a challenging field, but at the same time is a growing space, and many more opportunities are coming up. Keeping apart the few challenges, it is a very stable and flawless medium that guarantees satisfaction to its users.

They follow the latest techniques to integrate the app in the current infrastructure and always come up with innovations to step ahead of technology and to provide us with a smooth user interface to enjoy seamless benefits of different iOS application