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Top Three Methods to Promote Your Home Appliances Repair Website

As we see today trend is shifting from offline to online. Now all physical shops and businesses work online along with offline store. Every business has their own websites and portal. Today we are discussing about particular business of home appliances repair. How to promote this type of web portal. Many companies provide home appliances repairing services to customer doorstep with their websites. Like Install and Repair, urbanclap, gurgaon repair services etc. They all have their website through which customer can contact them and get services.

Now how to promote such business web portal. As we know that any webpage is useless without its marketing. Here we are talking about digital marketing. There is many methods to promote a business website which are following:–

1. Local Listing: This is very good and important method to promote a business in local market. If there is any service provider like washing machine repair, refrigerator repair, courier, drycleaner, shop etc. They can promote their business in local market or in range of 5-6 km. They can get huge order for their product and services and can earn good amount.

Local listing is absolutely free of cost. You just need to add your business in Google my listing and get listed.

Process of Google my Business Listing : First you need to open your Google my business page and register there or login with your Google account. Then need to fill all your detail like your business name, location, address, mobile number, map, business categories, open time, close time and all information which your customer need to know. After that Google verify your business through mail or call. After verification your listing can be show in Google and you can get calls or enquiry. That’s result increase your business sales and services.

2. Google Ads: This is also very popular and costly method to promote a business website. To get lead or increase sales volume this need a website. However business listing has limitation of location. Leads and enquiry can get only a particular location but in Google ads this limitation does not exist. Here flexibility available in this method. You are free from where your want to get calls and lead you can opt that location and can increase and decrease your location according your requirement. Google ads can be created free but Google charge money of every click. Which is called bid strategy? Your bid strategy affect your ranking of your website. Every click is chargeable it can very Rs.10-150 of may be more than that. You can set your budget how much you want to spend on daily budget. But your webpage can rank next day of your website made. This is good method to improve your website ranking and get calls. But this is valid up to at that time you can spent for your website.

3. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ): This is also very good technique to promote business or website. But this is a long way method and need to patience for this technique. Once webpage come on ranking or after come in top 10 ranking there is no need to pay on click. This is also a free method but need very hard-work to rank the website. Thousands of link building to make to rank the website. SEO can be done for a vast location. Only keyword need to take into place while choosing the SEO Techniques. Two main parts are there in SEO method.

  1. Off page SEO: This is one time process but it is very important process. Meta title, meta name and description are very important aspect to do off page SEO.
  2. On-page SEO : In the second part link building need to done. More link good ranking directly affect your website.