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Top Web Development Tips to Enhance Your Website Success

Good or bad web development can turn a visitor into a customer! Whose customer? No, we don’t forget to add ‘yours’. But If you have developed a website well, they might be your potential customer otherwise, competitors’. On this note, do you like to know some web development tips to enhance your website success? Read on, and you will be there in no time.

Top Web Development Tips You Should Start Implementing Today

User-Friendly Website – A user-friendly website defined by its usability and visibility, so your website should have sufficient navigation for your visitors. Here are some up-to-mark characteristics that should present on your website to make it visitor-friendly, including:

  • Accessible to all
  • Mobile compatible
  • Well-planned architecture of information
  • Easily scannable content
  • Browser consistency
  • Good error heading
  • Effective navigation
  • Valid markup & clean code
  • Contrasting color scheme
  • Usable forms

Customer-Focused & Informative Content – Make sure the content you are adding to your website is customer-focused & help them find their queries. You should know that 50 to 80% of searches occur for information and to get answers. Assure you don’t sell directly but inform first, show values and integrate it well.

Speed Matters – The right speed of a website is a sign of how well is website development. We could say that website speed is a route towards a good user experience, as today, users don’t wait. And 50% of users leave a site that takes over 2 seconds.

Apart from this, if you or your web development company don’t take care of the page weight, it can drastically affect your website speed and many other matters, including:

  • Google ranking
  • First impression
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate

Attractive CTA – CTA design, place, and content should be right, as it can turn a simple website visitor into a potential customer. Double-check if your website pages are developed in a way that all your clients avail to sign up and can rocket the session.

Ultimately, an attractive CTA button can generate a lead, drive sales, and increase the revenue of your business. An effective CTA button goes through a six-step process, which is:

  • Arrest attention
  • Build a connection
  • Build problem
  • Build interest
  • Build suspense
  • Transfer momentum

Images – It is a known fact that people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. We also like to add one more research that estimates 65% of people are visual learners. While developing a website, make sure you take care of images too.

Image Effect

  • Better user experience
  • Improve on-page SEO
  • Boost dwell time

Social Media, Add Social Proof – Backlinko estimates that, at present, 3.96 billion people are active on social media, which is 58.11% of the total population. Now, if you want to uplift website usage, don’t miss half of the world. Even social media is the best way to increase website traffic or promote your business through it. See to it if you integrate your social media into the website.

Mobile Responsive Website – Mobile-friendly website development is something you should work on. Today, serving everything via mobile phones is something giant technologies are working on.

An ideal web developer should consider that your website automatically adjusts for mobile devices. They should take care that your website pages do not clutter, so do test it wisely before going live.

Optimize Database – If you don’t want to face any coding difficulty in web development, optimise databases. You may not follow this technique before, but trust us, database optimization can save you from broken links, website speed issues, and more.

Navigation – Website navigation is the key that makes your website handy. Make sure your visitor can efficiently dive into all parts of your site, such as service, products, blogs and more.

The factor that affects website navigation:

  • Disorganised navigation
  • Poor design practices
  • Confusing & vague hypertext
  • Navigation overstuffing


The aforementioned web development tips are the starting lines in a way of creating a powerful website. On-time implementation of these tips can transform customer conversion, performance and experience of your site. However, for more, you can integrate it into your website to develop it to the point in which a web development service can help.