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Types of SEO To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

It would be much clearer to coordinate and implement your optimization strategies by breaking down your approach and speaking about SEO as these three classifications.

We will discuss each form of SEO in this article and how they are important to your overall marketing strategy. Plus, we’ll show you various types of SEO resources in each category that can help you boost your results. The expertise knowledge of SEO services in Sri Lanka will help to efficiently boost your results with the best techniques.

On-page SEO

To customize an individual page on a website, it requires tactics. These variables (all of which are listed in this SEO on-page checklist) help search engines understand the content subject and see that the website is a valuable source that individuals would like to find.

This includes;

Study keywords: Identifying the right keywords to target on a content page

Content creation: High-quality content publication based on target keywords

Optimization of keywords: using the goal keyword in all the right ways and using SEO for strong meta tags.

To assist with all facets of on-page SEO, Alexa has tools. Using our Keyword Difficulty Tool for keyword analysis and content development to identify appropriate, common, low-competition keywords to target on your blog.

Using the On-Page SEO Checker to do a thorough analysis of individual pages on your web for keyword optimization to see if they are completely tailored for your goal keyword. To generate a summary with missing opportunities for optimization and tips for progress, enter the goal keyword and URL.

Technical SEO

It entails techniques to strengthen the backend layout and base of a web. Technical SEO increases the readability of a site (which makes it easier for search engines to crawl and interpret the site) and offers a decent user interface, allowing search engines to see that the site is of high quality. For readers, a strong user interface is often important, which can influence average traffic and interaction rates.

This includes;


Structured data

Site speed



Using Alexa’s SEO Audit Service is a simple means of testing the status of your professional SEO. To receive a report on the state of various technical components, insert your page along with guidance on how to fix problems if you have any.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO strategies help reinforce the website’s influence and alliance with other websites. It requires techniques to develop the credibility and authority of a website. These variables allow search engines to see that, since it is from a credible, accurate, verified source, a website is an optimal search result.

The bulk of off-site SEO is linked to backlinks of high quality. A large number of links from specific, reputable sources pointing to your site tell search engines that your site is important and developed. Via a variety of link-building and guest-posting techniques, you will obtain these trust signals.

Using Alexa’s Competitor Backlink Checker to build a link development plan. Join up to 10 competitor site URLs and receive a summary pointing to the rivals with all of the links. To get ideas about how you can create ties to the same sites, use this comparative review. The best SEO company in Sri Lanka will guide you throughout to maximize your efforts with the best practices in the field.

Using Alexa’s Viewer Overlap Feature to build a guest-hosting schedule. Join your website or a website with an audience that you wish to draw to get a map of other websites sharing the same audience.

You can’t concentrate on only one group of ranking variables to build an SEO strategy that contributes to real results. In order to give your site, the best opportunity to turn up in quest, you need to use multiple forms of SEO in combination with each other.