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Useful PHP Development Tips Shared by PHP Experts

PHP is the abbreviated name for Hypertext Processor and is arguably the most favoured and robust server-side scripting language for web development. It simply spawned Facebook, and many other powerful and widely used web applications you use today.

Software developers love to use PHP as their programming language when creating websites or web apps as it offers a flock of benefits like:

  • Simplicity
  • High flexibility
  • Platform diversity
  • Scalability
  • It is open-source
  • Offers high-security

As a newbie, you may think that nothing is easy and simple about PHP, but yes it is. Unlike the complicated server-side languages, PHP is open-source in nature and has got the support of a massive community of PHP experts, which makes web development simpler and smooth. Developers can inherit a long list of functions, classes, and frameworks, which streamline the development and coding process.

Gaining mastery in this technology is the ultimate key to building dynamic and innovative websites, page content, and web applications effortlessly, and much faster. So, if you aspire to have expertise in this language, building a very firm PHP foundation is imperative.

So, here’s a list of some of the most useful PHP development tips and tricks to help you to give a kick start to the development process.

Use core PHP Functions and Classes:

If you are trying to implement something that is quite common in most of the websites of web applications, chances are that there is already a core PHP class or function that can be used whenever and wherever required. Always ensure to check the PHP manual before creating any class or function on your own.

Create a configuration file:

Instead of having the database connection and setting scattered here and there, why don’t you create a single master configuration file containing the database settings and then include this file in the PHP scripts? If at any point in time, you need to alter the details, you can just make the changes in that single file instead of multiple files. This can be useful also when you want to use any other functions or constants throughout different scripts.

Always sanitise your data, which will go into the database:

SQL injections are pretty common and until and unless you want a major headache later on, you can sanitise the database inputs to get rid of all database connection related problems.

Leave error_reporting() turned on during the development:

Before you begin working on the project, make sure to turn on the error_reporting feature. With this turned on, you can always get an error message whenever and wherever an error will occur instead of seeing a blank screen. This helps to manage the errors while running the codes, making the entire web development process much more efficient.

Enable your error_reporting() function by making modifications in the php.ini file. And include this function instantly after opening a file or script. This leaves the display_errors turned on. It also saves time that you would have to invest in going through thousands of lines of codes just to find out or detect an error.

With more complex codes, it becomes more imperative to include advanced functions to parse errors and catch syntax.

Always comment your codes:

Proper and detailed documentation of the codes through comments within the scripts is always a good practice. Comment the complex areas of the source codes so that if you revisit the page any time, later on, you will be able to instantly remember what’s there in the script. This is one of the best tips and practices to keep in mind while creating a PHP project.

Connect with experts in PHP whenever needed:

You may be a beginner in PHP development, but there are millions of experts in it in the community who can help you out at any point in time. All you need to do is join the community and interact with the experts out there. By connecting with these skilled professionals, you can learn better and new things related to PHP web development and what you are currently handling or stuck in with.

Now, having gone aware of these tips and tricks to become an expert in this field, make sure to follow these as well while you are working on a PHP project to deliver the best result.