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Ways to Amplify Your Brand Reach with Live Streaming

Expanding your business can be a cumbersome task if only traditional methods to amplify your brand reach are leveraged. Hence it becomes vital to adopt latest technologies to stay ahead of competitors. Live streaming is one such method that has helped several companies, especially e-commerce in stepping up their game.

Here is how Live streaming facilitates e-commerce:

  • Helps in increasing sales and conversion rate by offering real-time product or service experience to buyers
  • Provides an entertaining and interactive environment which helps in building customer loyalty towards a brand.
  • Visual as well as audible product information aids in better understanding of products

What is Live Streaming?

In basic terminology, live streaming is a real-time two-way communication without it being pre-recorded.

Although live streaming was initially invented in 1993, it has picked up its pace in the last decade. Live streaming has been a highlight in various fields, especially in E-commerce. Virtual events have enhanced the way people pursue a brand and get pinned to it.

With the advent of newer technology, companies have adapted modern techniques to capture a larger target audience through live-streaming. Live streaming commerce helps in increasing sales conversions, session time, and enhances user experience.

How to Increase your Brand Reach through Live Streaming?

A live streaming solution can be leveraged to create brand awareness and broaden the reach of your brand.

Companies and brands, especially the ones involved in e-commerce can attract additional customers and viewers through live streaming launch events. This is considered to be the easiest, yet most effective technique.

If you are planning to showcase a new product or service, you can live-stream. A host can demonstrate features and benefits of a product in real-time while showcasing its usage. This helps in building a long-term customer base, which can be highly beneficial for a brand.

An interactive Q&A session helps in getting desired reach and an amplified online presence. This strategy is mainly adopted to generate engagement as well as informative content for their audience. This helps in piquing viewers’ interest and keeps them hooked to a brand.

To retain your audience’s attention throughout a live stream, it is crucial to throw-in a few interactive questions. For example, asking about their opinion during a live stream at regular intervals can keep them hooked. Make sure you ask engaging questions that are fun to answer. Such questions can also help in reading the mood of your audience.

Answering relevant and engaging questions during a live stream about the products, brands, or customer service can prevent the viewers from getting distracted and leaving the session.

If we go by numbers, 44% of the people are more likely to discover a new business or brand through live streaming. When you are hosting a live streaming event for your company or brand, you might bring in viewers from all around the world. In such a situation, it is essential to inculcate images and emoticons to express appealingly.

Using GIFs, emojis, and interactive images in live streaming for e-commerce builds a sense of familiarity with a brand.

Polls are general surveys conducted to know the interest of your target audience. Polls are a good option for live streaming commerce as it boosts customer engagement. Whenever customers are invited to present their opinion through polls, they feel that they are important for a brand and this helps in retaining them for a long time.

Polls that are conducted during a live stream offers instant results. Such momentum feedback enhances the customer experience.

Livestream a tour of your office or show your viewers how a product is made and brings in higher engagement rates. All these behind the scenes activities can be very interesting to someone who sees it for the first time. Hence sharing original or exclusive content with your audience is an effective way to create engagement through the feeling of trust.

A behind-the-scenes tour of how a company functions, a backstory of a brand, or a brief video introduction can form an instant connection with viewers.

Collaborating with influencers or celebrities can be another way to use live stream to promote your brand and create excitement for your brand. You can simply host a Q&A session or panel discussion with industry experts and influencers and let viewers engage and connect with them in real-time.

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