Web Hosting Comparison For WordPress 2019- Reviews And Performance

What is the web hosting comparison for wordpress, how many times have you heard some would say that’s you and you’re just start to argue back and forth. Well. I wanted to find out myself so what I did was purchase shared hosting accounts from different companies. 

And I’ve tested and watched the performance from 30 days now, in this article I’m going to be showing you all my results, of which hosting company performed the best 

And which hosting company performed the worst because I want to provide truthfully you know non biased accurate results, of which hosting company truly is the best, and the most reliable also keep in mind, I’ve used the same size theme on all these hosting companies to provide you know a non-biased test, to being it fair for each hosting company. 

So with that said I’m going to be showing you all some of the best and worst hosting companies so if you’re not happy with your current hosting and you want to switch, keep reading cuz in this article I’ll be showing you the best and also, the worst hosting companies now. 

how did I start this test?

How did I cheat, I actually used to manage WP, to watch their uptime and they use a plug-in to monitor their performance, now you can see right here, I have every hosting company on different domains to monitor the hosting company, so if we’re ready to see the worst hosting company let’s go ahead and get start

1. ipage

ipage performed the worst but they actually, do have competitive pricing, so you can get a domain for free you can get a free, SSL and they offer rates as well as 99$ per month, now it’s going to take a look at their loading time, so this is the loading time for ipage. now, browser load speed, it watches the server response and also the technology level. 

however I set them all to PHP 7 so here you can kind of understand that you can see the results now what we’re looking for and all these tests are consistency, so are these hosting companies consistently performing well now looking at. 

I can say that this is performing at a consistently slow rate, in fact, it has the longest average low speed of 7.2, so what that means is saying your site will load, in around seven seconds making a very slow website, so do I recommend ipage no I do not recommend. 

2. TMT hosting 

TMT hosting you might have heard about, Team B hosting they offer free SSL they offer free domains they have SSD servers, but their performance is among one of the worst as well. 

unfortunately here are the results that I had 14 D hosting now their average low speed was around 6.9 seconds, with their server response time around 1.9 seconds, as well and here are the results you can see that they’re consistently performing at a very bad rate. 

now these right here you can call these outliers, where they’re you know, statistically unusual that that happens, it could have been due to the plugin but unfortunately, I’m going to have to say I’ve used them myself and I saw recommended team D host me because they were just really swelling now, I want to talk about one thing before we go on to the next hosting company if you see hosting companies like this. 

I’m sorry blogs like this where they tell you, what the best web hosting is and, they just show you bars and graphs or stars, these are the worst tests to get advice from like literally, all they do is just put little circles, with it just like I mean this this doesn’t make any sense, it’s like putting stars and in that and an X cool logo so, I just want to let you know that, if you do see tests like this anyone on the internet or you see, stars they always they drive me nuts because that’s all bs and it’s not true. 

I’m providing you all with really accurate truthful results right, so when you see stuff like this, on the internet just go back, to this article and read through, because these are all BS it’s obviously.

3. Hostgator 

Hostgator from a lot of other blogs and other videos, because they’re very popular unfortunately Hostgator performed, among one of the top five or the bottom five web hosting companies, now I use Hostgator you know I used it in the past, and I don’t remember them being that terrible. 

But I did switch over two years ago because, I just wasn’t happy with and unfortunately they had the longest average loading speed, which was around eight seconds, in fact that is the slowest on the entire list. so if you’re using Hostgator cape watching this because i’m going to give you a better hosting company to go with. 

4. Inmotion hosting 

Inmotion hosting you know their prices are competitive, they do have free domain, to do our free ssl they have a decent customer service, but let’s take a look at their results, so right here we can see their results, they didn’t perform, as bad as hostgator they didn’t perform as bad as the other companies, however they’re not on my top-five list either, so right here you can see they did have somewhat of an average load speed of around 4.9 seconds, their server response time as well was a little too high as well. 

And by looking at this graph right here you can kind of see, that they’re consistently kind of slow right, there so you know looking at this graph, if someone were to ask me what I recommend inmotion. 

Maybe if they had a sale but there are way better web hosting companies and inmotion, but if you are interested in going with them there is a link above to purchase, inmotion hosting and if this hosting comes give them to me great, if they don’t well then they don’t give them to me so that’s how it goes. 

5. DreamHost

last year I did recommend DreamHost they do have somewhat of a competitive pricing, it’s like around like a hundred dollars a year for shared hosting, but their support really sucks in fact, they have no support, so if you get a hosting company with or you get a plan with them, you can’t call them so good luck you know so you got live chat that’s all you get is live chat and the results. I had from DreamHost, weren’t that bad. 

You know they did have a long load speed, but their server response time was good as well so again, you can kind of see the graph right here you know they did perform, at a consistently decent rates. 

however I’m going to have to say that their load speed was just a little too high, for me so I really couldn’t recommend them, with confidence you know, I’ll recommend them saying well you know, if you want to go ahead and gamble go ahead, and go add repost but there among, I would say. 

6. Media temple

Media temple is based in Los Angeles I wanted to kind of give you. know a chance for the locals unfortunately, they didn’t perform that well either, I will say this though there was some outliers, on their tests so when you look at this graph, right here these are called outliers, which is kind of like statistically unusual. 

it could have been due to the plugin or this could have been due to their server, it’s just being horrible, but unfortunately looking at this graph right here base off these, two it kind of scooted the results a little bit. so looking at this you know there are average sevens, their average seconds to 4 server to respond wasn’t that bad except for these two days. so I would have to say well you know base off this test right here. 

it could have been due to the plugin it could have been to to their servers just acting up but this was, one of the hosting companies where, I had skewed results from, so if you’re going to ask me what I supposed to meet a temple III couldn’t again recommend that with confidence. 

I’m going to say you know maybe if they have a good sale sure because this right here might not happen to everybody, but it just happened on my test but that doesn’t mean they’re bad at web hosting company at all. 

7. hostinger 

hostinger was among one of the companies to have downtime unfortunately, every other company I’ve recommended has had a hundred percent uptime in 30 days. 

hostinger was down let me see right here for about 1 hour and 46 minutes in 30 days so that’s kind of bad, but they have the most competitive pricing they are the cheapest web hosting company. on this entire list so here you can see that they charge 80 cents a month. I mean that is that is cheap and they give you free domains. 

I mean I don’t even know how they make money they’re making like 50 bucks here off a customer, but let’s just go ahead and take a look at their results now the results were was a little bit better than I thought. It was going to be I thought how senior was going to be a puppy among the worst hosting companies cuz you here free you here cheap. 

And you think of downtime cheap you know they just have an hour and a half downtime but the results right here we’re actually pretty good you know they had an average load speed of around 4.1 seconds with a decent server response time so I would say you know what if you if you’re on a budget and you know you want to go with the hosting company I would say hosting yours definitely is you know one out one of us I would say a semi confident recommendation. 

I’m not going to say I’m very confident, but if you want to go with them they’re not bad, I did have an hour and a half downtime of thirty days that’s not too much downtime. if you think about over 30 days but just letting you know they did have downtime. 

8. GoDaddy 

now I hear a lot about GoDaddy everyone out there, what about GoDaddy this what about GoDaddy that, well let’s go ahead and find out now GoDaddy’s pricing is pretty competitive. they’re pretty cheap, they have really good customer service 24-hour customer service. 

however when you do call her customer service they’re trying to sell you stuff and to me that’s really annoying, but that’s whatever you know what when you call me I do that so it’s not too bad now here results that I had for Hostgator for GoDaddy, and I gotta be honest they were not that bad at all. 

so here are some of the tests that I’ve seen so they had an average loading second speed of 3.8 with their server response of less than 1 seconds which is very good. And again here are the results and they’re consistent that is what we’re looking for so we’re looking for consistency so looking at these results right here I’m up to say yeah you know GoDaddy isn’t a bad choice at all would I go with GoDaddy. 

I would not but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad web hosting company. I just have other hosting companies that I like to choose that are a little bit more. I guess you can say faster but this hosting company isn’t bad at all if your with GoDaddy, you stay with them if you want to switch over we’ll keep watching because I’m going to recommend some other web hosting companies. 

9. WP engine 

WP engine they are among the second most expensive web hosting on this entire list where their plans go up to like. I don’t even know their plans go up to like let’s take a look right here. like a 115 dollars a month that is like a year of hosting, that’s like two years of hosting at hosting EUR. 

so it is pretty expensive but let’s just go ahead, and take a look at their results right here, so these are the results I had for WP engine and while they’re good results, I’m going to have to say they’re too damn expensive, for these results. 

I mean they have almost the same loading speed as GoDaddy now let’s go take a look go-daddy’s respect go-daddy’s a little bit faster they’re at 3.8 seconds, and WP engine is at 4.1 average seconds now 3 point millimeters seconds. 

we’re never going to see that with the human eye, like we’re never going to really experience that but for the price or asking for I’m going to say they’re a little expensive on you, know on that issue but the results was good I mean four seconds average loading was I mean four seconds isn’t like the best but it’s not horrible either, and then right here we can see that they actually had a good server response time, so if you do want to decide to go wpengine. 

You know I recommend them I’ve used them in the past and they’re not bad they are a little expensive, but if your client doesn’t care about money then you know there you go, WP engines a good pick. 

10. Blue Host 

Another infamous AIG company oh they’re owned by AIG butts let’s let’s give them a chance all right I know everyone here hates AIG, but we have to give every company a chance now looking at the results right here their results were actually very good now one thing I do want to mention, that you do get a free SSL and a free domain and their web hosting is pretty cheap as well. 

And it also give you a 30 day money back now am I trying to sell you on them no I don’t like their dashboard, I don’t like the back end just because I don’t like it and in fact I think sometimes they don’t even have C panels for certain some of their plans, which is really annoying, I think the one I used to manage WordPress.