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Website Navigation – Types And Best Practices You Must Know

Creating an appealing and enticing website alone must not be the objective of your commerce. Rather your website has to be flexible also to use by the users. Various aspects play a vital role in forming a high-quality web design. Among all of them, website navigation is one of the essential components.

Good and easy navigation ensures an amazing experience when a website visitor browses any website. The website navigation decides how high your website will rank, how much traffic it will get from search. Navigation affects conversions. How user-friendly the site is to use and what percentage of visitors convert into leads and customers.

Types Of Website Navigation You Should Know

We use various types of navigation in prominent places to deliver access to varied sections of the site and generate a simple and strong user experience for the visitors. Let’s have a look at the four main types of website navigation to put focus on.

Primary navigation is important as it holds the bulk of any website page structure. It is known to provide the hierarchy for our website.

It is easy to access an area a part of the website menu design ideas that is visible on every page. It makes it a visitor easy to sign up at any time and doesn’t put confusion over the primary navigation bar.

It is important to emphasize as it holds a great place for terms and conditions, privacy policies, return policies. Even a list of most recent blog posts stays there if your site has an emphasis on a news feed.

Sidebar navigation is perhaps the only navigation item that does not go on every page but plays a vital role in the website navigation menu bar design.

If you have a clear knowledge of all these sections, then your website navigation practices would be highly effective. To do this important job you can trust only a reliable company offering the best Website Designing Packages. These include navigation with effectiveness and at budget-friendly prices.

Weblinkindia is one of the best web designing company India that can assist you in proper website navigation. Here we bring the best practices to be followed to make any website the most user-friendly.

Top Website Navigation Best Practices To Consider

1. Use Descriptive Navigation With Keyphrases

What you are doing does not clear what you do. Rather the descriptive navigation with keyphrases helps it clarify. Here are some reasons why:

  • Descriptive labels are good for search engines
  • These labels on the website navigation bar design are good for the visitor

Use your main website menu bar design as a place to start mentioning to the people and search engines about what you do. A search-optimized website must have a page for every service provided, each product offer, each team member, and the topic it holds.

2. Don’t Go With Format Based Navigation

Website Navigation labels on the bar design like “videos,” “photos”, and “white papers” tell visitors the format of the content, but not the theme or subject. A visitor to your website is not there in search of videos or whitepapers. He/she visits any websites in search of answers and information.

Navigation labels indicating the format and not the content are not descriptive and, therefore, not very helpful to visitors.

3. Avoid Dropdown Menus In Website Menu Bar Design

You must be wondering why we are saying this as it’s the best approached and most popular website navigation practices. Well, it is famous but not as effective as you want it to. Dropdown menus design is not good for two reasons.

  • It becomes difficult for search engines – search engines find it difficult to crawl
  • It is hard for a visitor to find – dropdown menus are often annoying for the visitors

4. Consider Website Menu Design Ideas

The number of menu items should not be more than seven. This is the best website menu design idea. Limiting the number of items on the navigation page is good for some reasons like it makes the page appropriate to search engines. Loads on the page will reduce the likelihood that your interior page will rank. Fewer items on the navigation page are also good for visitors in terms of searching and finding products.

5. Order Of The Website Navigation Matters

The best website menu design ideas are to take care of the order in website navigation. Just like any list of items, the order of items is important. This is where attention and retaining are greatest. It’s called the serial position effect, which simply combines cognitive biases:

  • Primary effect – products at the beginning of a list are more easily recalled.
  • Recent effect – Items at the end of a list are more easily remembered.

Anything put in the beginning, and last of the list is remembered by the visitor. So make sure the important aspects and products should be mention in these two positions only.