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What Are The Advantages And Applications of Vacuum Bagging?

Vacuum bagging uses atmospheric pressure like a clamp for holding laminate plies together that is sealed within an airtight container. The envelope can be an airtight mold on one side and a bag on the other sides. Modern room temperature curve adhesives have helped to make vacuum bagging techniques available for the builder by eliminating the need for more sophisticated and expensive equipment that is generally used for laminating earlier.

Vacuum Bagging film

Vacuum Bagging film

When an airtight bag is preserved from the mold, the internal and external pressure of the envelope is equal to distinctive pressure. It is ideal to find a composite material supplier for buying the sandwich panels, vinyl material, vacuum bagging film , and many others. Below, I’m going to share some important things about vacuum bagging that you should know.

Advantages of Vacuum Bagging

Clamps work well on the thicker supplies and tapered laminates like beams and frames. But there are many large projects that require a large stockpile of clamps. The staple is usually used for clamping thinner wooden piles when laminating wide panels of bulkheads. They are also used for applying veneers to cold-modules hulls. Vacuum bagging provides a lot of amazing benefits over clamping or stapling methods. By using other laminating techniques, there are different types of materials that can be incorporated into the laminate. Materials are picked to match the structural requirement of the component rather than the laminations of the clamping techniques. Here are some advantages of vacuum bagging.

Control of Resin Content

Vacuum bagging provides the mean for controlling additional adhesive in the laminate that result in higher fiber to resin ratios. It also involves higher strength to weight ratios and provides cost benefits to the builders.

Custom Shapes

There are varieties of mold that are used in vacuum bagging in a simple way. And this is one of the most effective advantages of it. Ensure that the atmosphere is not only pushing down on the top of the envelope, it also pushes up equally on the bottom of it. While the atmosphere only provides equal clamping pressure to the back of the envelope, the envelope has to be strong for holding the laminate in its desired shape until the epoxy has cured. Due to this reason, there are many molds that are lightweight and easy to build.

Efficient Laminating

Since the entire laminate materials are wet out and laid up at the same time, vacuum bagging provides a complete laminating process in one efficient operation.

Applications of Vacuum Bagging

Boatbuilding is an application where vacuum bagging is used for replacing conventional clamping or fastening. It is a practical clamming technique for large scale and small scale applications. They are used in product manufacturing, backyard building, and hobby projects. Musical instruments, furniture, wind turbine blades, model board, and race car components are some applications of vacuum bagging.

Natural and synthetic materials are the most common materials that are used in composite construction. While wood and wood veneers present the oldest and most widely used material of fiber in composites. Wood layers are widely laminated for making structural panels or beams. They are also used as structural or decorative material in other core materials as well as core material.

There are many synthetic fibers such as carbon, fiberglass, and many others that come in the form of fabric are specially designed for composite construction. When the synthetic fabric is used alone, combined with other materials, or with core materials, they allow the manufacturers to properly tune the weight, strength, and shape of the manufactured parts.


These are some benefits and applications of using vacuum bagging. You can find a leading composite material supplier for buying high-quality sandwich panels, vacuum bagging film, carbon fiber prepregs, and many others for your industrial applications.